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Overall I like to have a good time with my friends. I tend to be alone most of the time listening to music or playing video games. I love gaming and listening to music. I really enjoy drinking my adult juice and chill out.


I really enjoy the emo punk music of the early 2000's along with some of the pop and hip-hop music. I rather enjoy the older alternative grunge music of the 90's along with all the hair metal bands from the 80's. I love the 60's-2000's music from the simplistic stylings of the Beatles to the cringe screamo music of the 2009 era. I enjoy all music and love finding new music.


Horror, Comedy, and Animation is the top three of the movie genres.


Documentaries, Murder Porn (crime shows), I love trash reality tv, and so much more. Anime, Cartoons, etc.


Don't get me started could go on for days.


Tim Burton Edgar Allen Poe Jack Kerouac

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About me:

You ever really know people? I mean like actually know someone. Someone who isn't hiding behind the mask they show to everyone. This is me hiding behind a mask of emo cutesy nonsense as if it will help me make friends. I am looking for new friends if you like music, Anime, Art, Movies and TV please message me I am always willing to lift this mask to make some new friends.

Who I'd like to meet:

I've always been attracted to the outcasts. Those of us who have been hiding in the shadows of others too afraid to actually reach out to others. I personally would have loved to meet some of my favorite Literary figures. Edgar Allen Poe, Jack Kerouac, and how I would have loved to talk dystopian futures with George Orwell. Of course I can always settle for meeting Jack Black or any of the numerous famous actors/entertainment business people. But meeting someone with the realistic view of the current Hellscape we find ourselves in. Fire burning half the world while the other is struggling against the rising seas. I often find myself enjoying the impending doom.

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Thank you so much for the add! Also, I dig dystopian stuff too. I'm highly considering reading "Brave New World"

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You Should! It's a good read! :) Feel free to message me anytime

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Spectacular sense of style.
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Wacky Alex

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