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"the prince is awake, ur shit is wrecked"

he / it ;; 14

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JJBA ☆ MLP ☆ collecting useless things ☆ marine life ☆ class of 09 ☆ snakes ☆morel orel ☆ bojack horseman ☆ scott pilgrim ☆ lego batman ☆ visual novels ☆vampires ☆video essays / iceberg vids☆ dolls ☆ ROTMNT / TMNT ☆ roblox ☆ RANFREN ☆ making rentries && carrds ☆ anime/mangas, sonic teh hedgehog ☆ yugioh ☆ skateboarding


tyler the creator ☆ MFDOOM ☆ the smiths ☆ video game OST ☆ weezer ☆ radiohead ☆ SOAD ☆ heathers the musical soundtrack ☆ musicals in gen. ☆ JJBA OST ☆ panchiko ☆ lamp ☆ ichiko aoba ☆ mitski ☆ INSANE CLOWN POSSEE!@!! ☆ deftones ☆ vkei stufff ☆ mercant ships ☆ dazey and the scouts ☆ mom jeans ☆ Needy Streamer Overload


LEGO BATMAN!!! ☆ monsta hi movies ☆ MLP rainbow rocks ☆ teh bee movie...... ☆ fantastic mr fox ☆ KUNGFU PANDAH ☆ 2nd movie of sonic bojack horseman ☆ morel orel ☆ MLP ☆ JJBA ☆ nyan neko sugar girls ☆ MP100 ☆ inside job ☆ metalocalypse ☆


Yakuza 0 ☆ roblox ☆ sonic adventure 2 ☆ ace attorney ☆ sallyface ☆ class of 09 ☆ needy streamer overload ☆ TF2 ☆ the murder of sonic the hedgehog


the jakarta method ☆ book eaters ☆ goodnight punpun


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About me:

HALLO EVERYPONY!1!@! call me poe or knives IDRC ♱ I use xenogenders along with he/ it pronouns, and im also autistic ♱ i tend2 over explain/overshare things, and im veryvery blunt ♱ Almost always open to chat! I really like to make friends (even if I struggle with the upkeep.) (And get nervous starting chats myself.) ♱ I do art a lot and roleplay occasionally. Though considered a little rusty. ♱ You can ask for my discord but don't expect it if we haven't talked very much... ♱ I block people freely and sometimes "for no reason."


Who I'd like to meet:

ppl w/ similar intrests as me =^.^= or jus silly peopl in gen

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𝜗 𓏏𓏏 NIKOLAI ?! 𝜚

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TaoTao (EN/ES)

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thx for the add!!!

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of courrse ^_^!!

by poe ₍ᐢ. ̫.ᐢ₎; ; Report