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"playing jimmy and the pulsating mass"

He/she/they 16 nz

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Weird Avantgarde shit in general, rpg maker games (like jimmy and the pulsating mass, hylics, space funeral, off, lisa the painful, yume nikki, etc), fashion, collecting pins and patches, Akuma Kira’s games (like lost in vivo, Spooky’s jumpscare mansion, basilisk snes and 2000), horror games in general


gangpol und mit, neros day at disneyland, passenger of shit, bubblegum octopus, Satanicpornocultshop, Mr. bungle, igorrr, venetian snares, Aphex twin, Pilotredsun, primus, infected mushroom, osamu sato, nine inch nails, dj scotch egg, OVe NaXx, stolen babies, don salsa, cardiacs, boards of canada, talkshow boy, ween, the residents, negativland, rabbit junk, the shizit, faith no more, Sleepytime gorilla museum, they might be giants, melt banana, the mars volta, idiot flesh, black midi, doddodo, system of a down, fucking werewolf asso, acid bath, korn, skinny puppy, radiohead, Diablo swing orchestra, slipknot, nasenbluten (I copy pasted this from my rym btw)


It’s such a beautiful day, world of tomorrow 1-3, the wolf house, pink Floyd the wall, yellow submarine,


Homestar runner (web series but still), the problem solverz, invader zim, superjail, my little pony friendship is magic, humans b gone, old Croatian cartoons, Xavier renegade angel, dick figures, Aqua teen hunger force


Awful hospital, homestuck, problem sleuth, return of the living


Mike Patton, Andrew hussie (only in a creative sense), Tim smith, Bogleech, thecatamites, mason lindroth, kasey ozymy, osamu sato, Don hertzfeldt, Edmund mcmillen, akuma Kira, all the directors from Zagreb film

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About me:

Hi (someday ill add all my blinkies and stamps 2 this) (PROSHIPPERS, RADQUEERS AND TCC DNI)

Who I'd like to meet:

I think Spades Slick is a pretty cool guy. Eh breaks colcks and doesnt afraid of anything.

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holy crap guys
this is so awesome
this is so epic

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urban architect

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yr taste on stuff is great thanks a lot 4 the frq !!!

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consumer whore

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we met again

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awesome music taste btw,, tsb <3

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My Spoon Is To Big.

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