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i luv playing games!! my fav rn r legend of zelda, splatoon, plants vs zombies, roblox, minecraft, slime rancher, portal, fnaf, yume nikki, toontown, cookie run kingdom/oven break, puyo puyo tetris, class of '09, idv, lollipop chainsaw, and probably more im forgetting! 0_o games that i want to get into r resident evil 4, persona 5 and other persona games, more sonic games, kolnoa, NiGHTS, i have no mouth and i must scream, slay the princess, n pocket mirror!!!

i also rlly luv hermitcraft and mcyts.. not dsmp/dteam!!! i luvvv watchin grian, gtws, ldshadowlady, mumbo jumbo, smajor/dangthatsalongname, and others in the same circle!! ^.^


rn i listen to a lot of pierce the veil!! i got into them months ago so forgive me if i dont know a lot of their songs :P i like mcr but i havent been listenin to them often!! again forgive me if i dont know a lot of songs X( i luvvvv millionaires sm too!! im also interested in a lot of music genres! i like bands like car seat headrest, lemon demon, the cure, talking heads, strawberry switchblade and more im forgetting!! i grew up listening to twice and some old school kpop songs so i like them too X3


i dont really remember much movies ive watched! but the ones i do remember is nimona, scott pilgrim, juno, coraline, the nightmare before christmas, paranorman, the scary godmother :p


most of these r prob gonna be animes XD but i luvv jjba, soul eater, good omens, invader zim, mlp, moral orel, adventure time, fionna and cake, madoka magica, land of lustrous, tokyo mew mew, hetalia and more i forgot!!


i read a lot of mangas like chainsaw man, jjba (tho i havent kept up with it), and others i forgot XD i like homestuck too!!


link XD

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About me:

haii!!! x3 u can call me jaye 0_o im 17 n nonbinary, go by any pronouns!!! (they, she, he idrc) n im chamorro and filipino!

i like to draw, play gamez, music, reading and almost anythin!!! i luv watching ldshadowlady, hermitcraft, kubz scouts, and more!! i have DID but i dont rlly talk about it unless we r close or if u r educated on the matter 0_0 sometimes i forget to reply so forgive me if i do!!! >.< i promise i dont mean it!!!

id rather not talk 2 ppl who like dsmp/dteam, wilbur soot, gurocore, proshippers, neo-nazi, racist, take part in weird subtwt (shtwt, edtwt, etc) or just weird or rude.
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Who I'd like to meet:

anyone with the same interests as meh XD i luv talkin abt my interests.. especially hermitcraft!!! if u like hermitcraft, life series, or some of the youtubers and people in the same circle pls add me!! need moar friends i can talk to about them !! X3

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thanks 4 the add!!! you seem sooo cool

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no problem ^.^ i luv ur profile sm

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