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"slackinh off"

he/him 此 7teen 此aspiring scene boy此

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此 fashion: emo, scene, punk, mallgoth, batcave goth 此 music: guitar for 6 years, singing for 4 years, aspiring songwriter (doesnt mean im good any of these tho ) 此 video games: wizard 101, roblox, minecraft, animal crossing, mario kart, super smash bros 此 creative: makeup (i see it as a form of art but ik sum ppl disagree), painting, writing, fashion design 此 physical activity: occasionally skating & muay thai


此 my chemical romance 此 pixies 此 escape the fate 此 jack off jill 此 my bloody valentine 此 radiohead 此 the goin nowheres 此 early FOB 此 favorite songs 此 sleep - mcr 此 the end. - mcr 此 cemetery drive - diy valentine 此 when you sleep - my bloody valentine 此 boy grinder - jack off jill 此 all i think about now - pixies 此


此 encanto !! 此 insidious 此 late 90s scooby doo movies 此 luca


i am in love with cartoons sm 此 BOJACK HORSEMAN 此 steven universe (including future) 此 clone high 此 spongebob (seasons 1-4, kinda 5) 此 TDI (seasons 1-4) 此 CN cartoon renaissance era (ee&e, courage, ppg, dex lab,) 此 nick cartoon renaissance era (dp, arnold, rugrats, r&s, fop, sponge)


此 death of a salesman 此 heartstopper 此 teen titans comics 此 frankenstein 此 current reads: before we disappear & meddling kids :)


gerard way :]

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About me:

此 pronouns: he/him 此 age: 7teen 此 fav color: blue :) 此 likes: cats, candles, fashion in general, makeup, crystals, and making friends :] 此 dislikes: ppl who think hating is a personality trait, animals being hurt, when ppl won't let me feel my emotions and abandonment issues :( 此

Who I'd like to meet:

id loev to meet any1 who wants to come and vibe :D i dont intend to gatekeep, actually its one of my pet peeves, and i would just wanna talk abt just abt anything ! :)

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Thanks for the add, love ♀ I hope you have a lovely night

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Love all the baby blue aesthetic going on,

Love that you used your favorite color to dance along your page.

Lovely, thanks for the add

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hiiii!! i love ur profile sm!! the vibes r amazing.. :0

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hii and omg tysm ur profiles vibes are literally immaculate

by xen0 ! <3; ; Report


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Thanx! And welcome Here Xeno! Hope you like some of my Music Tracks & Vids on my Page too! (踱)

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徉 Thanks! Nice to see you here! Hope you enjoy our Music Tracks & Vids on our Duo Page too! 猾(踱)遲

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(踱) Hello, welcome. Thanks for the add. Hope you enjoy my music. I am a trilingual artist. English, Spanish and French. (踱)

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xen0 ! <3

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hii just wanna give credit to the person who made this layout, this is the link to their page :) https://blog.spacehey.com/twilaslay0utshack

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