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learning about science/history, managing data, logic puzzles, creating stories in my head, occasional digital art, being a cryptic goblin with my friends


My usual rotation typically consists of: mystery skulls, sea shanties, video game music(lately fnaf), lemon demon's spirit phone, Will Wood, I fight dragons, and Rufus Rex


It has been some time since I've thought about movies. Instead, have some video games until I get around to making a section for them:

Portal, Minecraft, OneShot, FNAF, MarioKart, Mario Bros, Sea of Thieves, Satisfactory, Baba is You, indie games, Ark(unfortunately)


Gravity Falls, Scissor Seven, One Piece, The Good Place, Stranger Things, Dirk Gently, Good Omens


Discworld, Welcome to Night Vale novels, Demon Slayer, Hitchhiker's Guide, I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream, Warriors(for nostalgia reasons), The Wall and the Wing(also for the nostalgia)


I don't consider myself to have a "hero" as it always seemed weird to me to put someone on a pedestal, but I really respect Sir Terry Pratchett. Also my late uncle who wasn't necessarily my hero, but he was a hero in the truest sense of the word

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About me:

I'm a bi/ace trans man who's chronically tired and can't focus for shit but am teaching myself to code in JS. Also, I write and draw sometimes. "Sometimes" being code for I haven't drawn or written anything in the past a month or so

There is a good chance I may be slow to respond to comments and whatnot. Sometimes I just forget while other times I just need to step away from the conversation. This doesn't mean you did anything wrong! I just have difficulties managing my attention. When I'm stuck on how to respond I tend to only be able to focus on that one comment and be unable to do anything else. So I just tell myself I'm not responding to it. I may come back to it later, I may not. But you're welcome to double post to see what's up if I'm taking awhile!

My IMs are always open to friends. If you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to shoot me a message!! I always appreciate when someone reaches out to me β™‘

Who I'd like to meet:

I love to chat with all sorts of people, even if we have seemingly little in common. So long as nobody is trying to hurt the other and the conversation is civil, I enjoy swapping opinions with people I disagree with

Though if we do have interests in common, that's great!! I do also enjoy nerding out over the things I like. Right now my main hyperfixations are: html/css, music/building a playlist, One Piece, and minecraft(the game itself, not the community)

However, I'd really rather not friend anyone under 18 or anyone without some way to tell whether they're a minor or adult. I'm fine with interacting with minors in public spaces, but would prefer not to give them access to my dms as I like to leave those open for my friends. I'm too old to be associating with minors I don't know irl. If you are under 18, please be careful who you friend. There are a lot of sketchy people in spaces like this with so many young people

Please do not post ads in my comments section. They will be deleted without response and I may unfriend you if you don't seem to add any value to my feed. A better place for ads are up and visible on your own profile because I do read those before deciding whether to friend. The occasional blog/bulletin post would also be fine. I'm far more likely to check out whatever you're promoting if you're respectful of my space and don't try to shove it directly at me

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q.:* tobi

q.:* tobi's profile picture

man. i just realized i cant put images in comments 3 ... i wanted to give you this

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CHIP!!! I adore her β™‘

Also, yeah, it sucks. I've been having to link things :P

by HazyLantern; ; Report


miso's profile picture

hiii you seem like such a lovely person! also I love minecraft :3

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You also seem very cool!!

It's so much fun! I'm building my first castle now in a friend's private server. I've been playing for years, but never make it far with large projects DUGZJF

What's your favorite thing to do in mc?

by HazyLantern; ; Report

building and decorating is def my favorite! I can't fight mobs even after playing for like a decade lolol :x

by miso; ; Report

Yesssss, building is so much fun!! I like the decorative aspect of building a lot, but I also quite enjoy building redstone mechanisms, too. Also, if I'm in a sever where I have op privilege, I love messing around with commands and command blocks. The best was when I was trying to build a simple teleporter room and gave it a beehive theme, but then had to figure out a way to bee-proof it cause they kept hitting the pressure plates and randomly teleporting the nearest person to someone's base JFDSLKJFLS

I dislike fighting on my own as it can get tedious and/or frustrating, but I've found I love exploring with friends cause we just goof off half the time and it's easy to joke about dumb deaths JFDLSF Not to mention, it's far easier to get your stuff back, taking away the frustration for the most part!

by HazyLantern; ; Report


sudisch's profile picture

Hiiii thanks for adding back <3

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Yeah, no problem! You seem nice!!

by HazyLantern; ; Report

Jon πŸ‡

Jon πŸ‡'s profile picture

Hi! Thank you for asking for the add! :D
You seem like a cool person, chat me up whenever!

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You also seem cool!

Also, I 100% clicked on your profile because that rabbit is adorable and reminds me of the one I had in high school. Is that your actual pet?

by HazyLantern; ; Report

Sadly, no. Rabbits are my spirit animal, kinda. I have around 50 pictures of rabbits in glasses, I change them daily.
I love your pfp, clouded leopard?

by Jon πŸ‡; ; Report

Aw, still cute, though!

And thank you!! Yeah, I attempted a challenge awhile back where I drew a clouded leopard each day for a month, but only lasted about a week. I figured it made a nice temporary avatar until I figure out how I want my page to look, but my favorite from the set is this guy

by HazyLantern; ; Report

all set for some tummy rubs! X)
totes adorbs! :D

by Jon πŸ‡; ; Report

η²˜θ†œγ‚΄γƒΌγ‚Ήγƒˆ (GHOST)

η²˜θ†œγ‚΄γƒΌγ‚Ήγƒˆ (GHOST)'s profile picture

Bro we like so much of the same stuff fr its nutty

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Yeah!! And your interests reminded me of some I'd like to add to mine like Treasure Plant and I Have No Mouth

Also, I adore the two plushie drawings you have in your interests section!

by HazyLantern; ; Report

Oh my god thank you so much!! Gore plush art is my specialty I used to do it for commission before my phone broke lol and I Have No Mouth was so bad and good I adore a decent sci-fi horroresque adventure

by η²˜θ†œγ‚΄γƒΌγ‚Ήγƒˆ (GHOST); ; Report

OOf, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you can get it fixed/replaced soon! I think gore plushie art is one of only two gore pics I've ever drawn. Though that one was back in high school FJLKSF

I've only recently started getting into horror. I don't read as much as I'd like to lately, but I've found I can usually hold my attention with comedic stories like Discworld or horroresque tales like I Have No Mouth. The Night Vale novels are especially good for that as they specialize in a comedic horroresque narrative

by HazyLantern; ; Report

I used to be so scared of horror but I love it now (ironically because I am so scared of blood still) I got into it in 2021 and Ive seen maybe over 200 movies now and I started getting into some books as well but sci-fi and classic lit are my favorites over it in terms of art. Omg even if it was in school I bet yours still looked cute. I can only really draw plush toys so I just combined it with some gore lol

by η²˜θ†œγ‚΄γƒΌγ‚Ήγƒˆ (GHOST); ; Report

God, yeah, my older sister made me hate horror for so long cause she would intentionally try to scare me, either with movies or just being a gremlin in general. I don't watch any sort of movies a lot, but I've watched a few horror shows like Cabinet of Curiousities and Stranger Things and I've especially been getting into horror games. Mostly through streams, though, cause ya boy does not have the spare cash to be buying too many games. I started to come around to horror because of Stranger Things, but I really began seeking it out around a year ago, as well. Though I've been reading horror since high school after we went over Jurassic Park and Stephen King's Night Shift collection

I'm picky with classic lit cause a lot of them can get pretty dry and reading through them makes me nod off. Though, tbf, this can happen with any book if my attention is bad enough. I have read some good classic lit, though! I didn't think I'd like Pride & Prejudice, but my friend convinced me to read it and I actually enjoyed it a lot. Sci-fi, though, I love!! Particularly ones that aren't space westerns but genuinely toy with scientific concepts. My favorites are The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by Claire North and The Walls of the Universe by Paul Melko. I've also heard Colossus by DF Jones is really good which is both sci-fi and classic-lit. Though I couldn't get through the first couple of pages because of really bad narcolepsy. I've been meaning to pick it up again when I get the chance, though

God, I feel that. I've tried to break into drawing humans, but always hated it cause I'm so used to drawing animals. The gore plushie pic is tucked away in a notebook somewhere, but I did draw this guy fairly recently who's a more innocent plushie. Though I did try to make him a monstrosity when I first bought the design LFKDSJSKLD

by HazyLantern; ; Report

I apologize for the mini novel there, my adhd makes me go on tangents a lot LKDJSL

by HazyLantern; ; Report

Oh my god 'this guy' is SO CUTE wtf!!!! And yeah same with my brother he made me hate horror for so long. I am SUCH a sci-fi nerd its literally the best and I had the same experience with Pride and Prejudice. My favorite book at all ever hands down is definitely Demian by Hermann Hesse though and Schoolgirl by Dazai is pretty good. They dont really fit the genre of anything I mentioned but Im an avid reader lol

by η²˜θ†œγ‚΄γƒΌγ‚Ήγƒˆ (GHOST); ; Report

Thank you!! His name is Brick β™‘

YESSSS!! I tend to read more fantasy than sci-fi, but I love experimental sci-fis more. It's the one thing I liked about The Host by Stephanie Meyers. The narrative and pacing were painful, but her alien species were fascinating!

I'll definitely have to check them out! One of my all-time favorites is The Bunker Files by Kevin Brooks. It's theme isn't tied up all that nicely, but I love when an author takes artistic liberties with the narrative in order to more accurately portray the human mind, especially when morals come into play. It also doesn't have a strong tie to my preferred genres, but it's closer to the sort of stuff I enjoy writing! Also, all this talk about books made me pick up Redwall yesterday. It's been a couple months since I've read a physical book so I'm glad I feel like reading again!

by HazyLantern; ; Report

Me too fr I love reading but not having to take the steps to read sometimes lol adhd goes brrr. I'll have to check those books out!!

by η²˜θ†œγ‚΄γƒΌγ‚Ήγƒˆ (GHOST); ; Report


I personally wouldn't recommend The Host unless you're really fascinated by worldbuilding. She's a good writer and excels at novelty and wordcraft, but her plot and pacing choices are questionable. There's literally several chapters of the main character sitting in a cave doing nothing and not even in a suspenseful way like with The Bunker Diaries. I had to set the book down for several months before I could get through the cave scene

by HazyLantern; ; Report