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ENGLISH ONLY !!! intersexual lesbian girlprince

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RYUUJI ♡ GO FOLLOW MY WIFE!!! I'M STILL NOT GREAT AT WRITING STUFF BUT OH MY GOD YOU DON'T KNOW HOW HAPPY I AM RIGHT NOW. I seriously Cannot believe That We're Dating I LOVE YOU SO MUCH KAWARA ^_^♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ You're seriously one of the best people I've ever met ,,,,,,... I feel very similarly for you the way I do kizami especially since ..... you two are headmates and you guys are collectively a FP for US collectively but You're genuinely so nice to me !? i don't know how to completely word it and i don't completely know how i fell for you but I Did and the only way i realized was that whenever i was . Nervous or anxious talking to you or thinking about you honestly just . You in any capacity makes me feel a lot better and ive only ever been able to sleep and like get up in the morning because you're . Gonna be there and i'mjjust . Euuuhjh!!!WAHYHBHHJ!!!! I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!! You'reSo Perfect abd pretty and i love you . i'm getting nervous writing this and my train of thought is getting spottish because of it but you are so. SO !!!!!!! AHHUGHGHHH!! I LOVE YOU!! youre one of my main motivations to do anythinf ever im so excited to restart school again it gives me an excuse to spend time with you and thats . One Of my favorite things to do ,,,..... nhhHGUHJKBHB !!!! IM STILL STRUGGLING TO THINK BUT I LOVE YOU SO SO SO SO SO MUCH YOU ARE THE BESTST EVE R :^( ill add more to this whenever i stop freaking out every sentence i type i LOBE YOU SO BAD THOUGH MWAAAGH!!!!


Kizami ♡ I decided I am going to be annoying and lovemail you on here because I am not letting people being jealous stop me!!! Kiz I am genuinely so glad you're my friend. Whether we're platonic romantic or Whatever else, I'm just glad I have you around and I'm this close with you. You're one of the sweetest, most loving people, that I've ever met, and I'm so glad we're as close as we are now. I would do anything to be able to spend more time with you, you're such a fun person to be around and you genuinely mean so much to me. Sometimes I get embarrassed admitting it but I really do love you more than you will ever know. You're so pretty in like. Every Way Possible. Your voice your smile your clothing style your music style your body everything about you is genuinely just . So Perfect . I have never been as infatuated with a person as I am you. I love being around you and I love talking to you :3 Everyday I wake up and I instantly check my phone to see if you're awake and if you're not then I sleep a little longer until you Are awake ,,, i know i've already told you everything that reminds me of you and how it's all of my favorite things but i jus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GUHHHH Everytime we talk I wanna saythe sappiest and stupidest stuff because you really do mean the whole world to me .... you makeme feel like . Good . about being alive. like when im around you or when i think about you i DON'T Feel really angry consistently and i have never had ANYONE make me feel like that ever . i hold no sort of distrust towards you at all and i'm so glad i'm close with you i'm !!! Just so glad to be around you kiz i really love you more than any word in any dictionary could ever express you're so beautiful and perfect and i love you and i'm so glad we met :3


Any of Kizami's headmates, Pipsqueaks & her headmates, Rindo & its headmates, most of my headmates. ♡
If their spacehey is linked here follow them NOW!!!!


Corpse Party, DRAMAtical Murder, AI: The Somnium Files, AI: The Somnium Files - Nirvana Initiative -, The World Ends with You (Solo Remix, Final Remix, and OG release), NEO: The World Ends With You, Hello Charlotte Episode One, Hello Charlotte Episode Two, Hello Charlotte Episode Three, Hello Charlotte Heaven's Gate, Hello Charlotte Delirium, Project Sekai, Ensemble Stars!, Ensemble Stars!!, Hatoful Boyfriend, Persona 3, Persona 4, Persona 5, Persona 2, Persona 1, Puyo Pop Fever, Puyo Pop Fever 2, Puyo Puyo Tetris, Puyo Puyo Tetris 2, Puyo Puyo Quest, Puyo Puyo! 15th Anniversary, Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary, Puyo Puyo Chronicle, Puyo Puyo~n, Pop'n Music 8, Pop'n Music Lively, Pop'n Music Sunny Park, Pop'n Music Lapistoria, Pop'n Music Eclale, Pop'n Music Peace, Pop'n Music 16 Party, Pop'n Music Kaimei Riddles, Osu, URBANO, Twisted Wonderland, ARGONAVIS, Helios Rising Heroes, Hypnosis Microphone, ZENO, END ROLL, Witch's Heart, Animal Jam, Webkinz, more unlisted


Of Montreal, The Cardigans, Lady Gaga, Rosegarden Funeral Party, ARTHUR, That Handsome Devil, System Of a Down, Glass Animals, Aurelio Voltaire, Oingo Boingo, Toxic Lipstick, Muse, Steam-Powered Giraffe, The Hush Sound, Fiona Apple, The Dresden Dolls, AJJ, She Wants Revenge


Typology, Psychology & Mental Health, Psychiatry & Medicine, Forensics, Goth Music, CSS&HTML, Insects, Marine life (ESPECIALLY Beluga Whales and Jellyfish), Scemo (+ fur) fashion

My Favorite Characters ♡

Kizami Yuuya, Neku Sakuraba, Kaname Date, Niki Shiina, Reiji Isoi, Ryuuji Kawara, Rindo Kanade, Sho Minamimoto, Strange Klug, Sig, Kantera, Clear, Madara Mikejima, Tatsumi Kazehaya, Shin Tsukimi, Joe Tazuna, Ranmaru Kageyama, Mika Kagehira, Timer, Yuli, Fuga, N Harmonia, Gentaro Yumeno, Adonis Ootogari, Wilardo Adler, Hyde Kido, Malleus Draconia, Maeno Aki, Aesop Carl, Akira Kurusu, Edgar Valden, Tama, Squares, Rei Sakuma, Kaoru Hakaze

My Typology ♡

INFJ 2w3 sx/so/sp RLUAI Melancholic-Phlegmatic Chaotic Good

My Favorite Animals ♡

Jerboas, Pallas' Cats, Jellyfish, Beluga Whales, Cats, Dogs, Wolves, Rabbits, Eels, Cougars, White Tigers

My Favorite Songs (The Cardigans) ♡

Hanging Around, I Need Some Fine Wine And You, You Need To Be Nicer, My Favorite Game, Losers, Great Divide, Never Recover, Erase / Rewind, Travelling With Charley, Happy Meal II, Been It, Sick & Tired, Lovefool, Choke, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Iron Man, Rise & Shine, Heartbreaker, Your New Cuckoo, Communication, Live And Learn, You're The Storm, Nil, Carnival, Hey! Get Out Of My Way, Gordon's Gardenparty, Daddy's Car, Fine, Marvel Hill, Do You Believe, Higher, Paralyzed, Explode, Overload, Drip Drop Teardrop, And Then You Kissed Me II, Good Morning Joan, Holy Love, Don't Blame Your Daughter, Little Black Cloud, In The Round, Godspell, Losing A Friend

My Favorite Songs (That Handsome Devil) ♡

Everyone's Trying To Kill Me, Inside You, $=♡, Bullet Math, Hoodlum, Adapt, Twist the Knife, Johnny Wouldn't Die, Shutup You're Stupid, The U & I In Suicide, Loving Parasite, Rob The Prez-O-Dent, Date R**e You, Savages, Elephant Bones, Fake, Pendulumonium, Kiss The Cook, Viva Discordia, Mexico, Reagan's Kids, F2f, Evl Ppl, Punch In The Face, La Di Frickin' Da, Guys Are Gross, The Unpossible, Dinosaur, Bad Vibes

My Favorite Songs (Of Montreal) ♡

Cato As A Pun, Gallery Piece, We Will Commit Wolf Murder, Tim I Wish You Were Born A Girl, Buried With Me, Paranoiac Intervals/Body Dysmorphia, Death Is Not A Parallel Move, Plastis Wafer, Wraith Pinned To The Mist And Other Games, Lysergic Bliss, An Eluardian Instance, Triphallus To Punctuate

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About me:

Apple iPhone - Cell Mobile Phone


I'm currently reworking my entire profile at the moment. Some assets on my profile might appear bugged.

My profile may also contain potentially sensitive content, such as;

Mild gore/images with blood on them, horror games & related topics, eyestraining images, eyestraining colors, and fast moving imagery. I also have sections dedicated to PDA and lovemailing my girlfriend and close friends.

Tread carefully, do not request if you're -13 and 21+, and please be sure to read through the rest of my DNI. Have a good day.

Proceed or Return Back Home

My name is Hide! You may also call me Helix, Helio, or Hyde. I have some other names listed Here. I'm bodily 15 years old, and am a fictive of multiple characters (most of which I don't list online just for the sake of my sanity). I'm medically diagnosed with ASPD, NPD, BPD, and polyfragmentated DID. The rest I will not share. If you have a problem with this, block me pleasee~

I hardly ever respond to IMs on here. If you would like a response, please message me on discord at @isasouma. My interests fluctuate very often but my special interests are The World Ends with You, Ensemble Stars, and The Cardigans.

You should check out the spacehey blog roll it's pretty fun (+ join it maybe)

Who I'd like to meet:

Anyone who I share mutual interests with!! Especially regarding dark fiction & horror games, I LOVE HORROR !!!!1!!!!! I genuinely have so many interests (12 page document dedicated to all of the things I really like at the moment), but generally I don't have a specific list beyond that. I love talking to any and everyone.

I'd prefer if proshippers and anyone over the age of 19 did not DM me though. Unless I already know you (except for proshippers i don't surround myself w those kinds of people at all at all) I do not want to talk to you, mostly because I am a hypersexual person and I feel uncomfortable around adults ^_^;

For a more in-depth DNI, scroll through this box:

The youngest I will talk to is 13 and the oldest I will talk to is 19. Unless we're already close, I do not want to talk to adults privately.
1) Proshippers, Comshippers, Neutralshippers, Anti-harassment, Profiction, Comfiction, Lolicon, Shotacon, Kodocon, whatever label you refer to yourself with. If you believe that incestuous relationships or relationships that romanticize sexual assault, pedophilia, or any other form of abuse in fiction are okay just because they're portrayed in fiction, leave. 2) If you're against proper self-diagnosis with dissociative disorders like DID and OSDD where the individual spends years of research & attempts to, if possible, contact a therapist for confirmation, but does not want their diagnosis finalized. 3) Engage heavily in queer label discourse or flag discourse. I do not support mspec-mono labels though, please leave if you identify with/as or support bi lesbians/bi gays/lesgays/gaybians. 4) 18 year old with minors DNI (or if you have minors DNI at all.) 5) If you are apart of the TCC or believe that real life serial killers, school shooters, or otherwise criminals are attractive. 6) SHtwt, EDtwt, TERF, radfem, pro-paraphlia, radqueer, transx/transid, if you're WEIRD and DUMB basically. 7) If you're familiar with any of my friends or my girlfriend and have a negative impression of any of them, you will not like me. This is mainly in reference to Pipsqueaks and my girlfriend Chae. 8) If you're against neopronouns, xenopronouns, or xenogenders.

Extra Stuff

My profile is a constant work in progress, sorry ... I'm especially sorry if you click on my profile at an inconvenient time and I'm still currently trying to play around with codes.

You are free to follow me on any of my linked social medias aside from my private twitter which I am very selective about. Otherwise, IDC !!! I love making friends and I make edits in my freetime.

I am really bad at striking conversation because I've been socially isolated almost all of my life, but I promise I don't bite. My longest conversations & the easiest ones for me to hold are ones about my FP, psychology, TWEWY, corpse party, the cardigans, persona 5, and music in general.

I am pretty good at armchair diagnosing characters though. Specifically with personality disorders. For the record I will not armchair diagnose a Real Person I just think it's fun to analyze characters like that. . . I Also headcanon 3/4 of my fav characters as lesbians and refer to all of them with she/her shi/hir and it/its pronouns :3

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