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it's raining so loud the fak

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I LOVE FISH! i like video games, drawing, poetry, writing, music, stuffed animals (more but yk). my favorite youtubers are: Markiplier, CoryxKenshin, Danny Gonzalez, Drew Gooden, lilsimsie, NileRed, Dead Meat, LarenZside, SmallAnt, Chickenninja42, Wendigoon, DangerouslyFunny, and MANY more. my favorite video games are: The Sims4, Minecraft, Roblox, Stardew Valley, Wobbledogs, Animal Jam, Tomodachi Life, Papa's Freezeria, Disney Dreamlight Valley :3


i LOVEEEE kpop (ESEPCIALLY Seventeen and TWS, they're my ults). I ALSO love Twenty One Pilots. Melanie Martinez is a fav toooo. Here are some of my favorite songs atm: "Overcompensate" by TOP, "BFF" by TWS, "Shadow" by Seventeen, "Light a Flame" by Seventeen, "Super" by Seventeen (mostly every Seventeen song ngl), "unplugged boy" by TWS, "Tear In My Heart" by TOP


My FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME IS Ponyo by Studio Ghibli!!!!!! Some of my other favorite movies include: Rango, (Rango is actually a VERY VERY close second), Igor, K-12 MY FAVORITE HORROR MOVIES!!!! Society , Black Swan, Jaws, Piggy, The Hills Have Eyes. MY FAV HORROR MOVIE(S) OF ALL TIME, TERRIFIER AND TERRIFIER 2 (soon to come Terrifier 3 :D).


MY FAV TV SHOWS/CARTOONS (not in any order for most liked): Regular Show, King Of The Hill , Adventure Time, Breaking Bad, Courage The Cowardly Dog, Bobs Burgers


My fav books!! Nothing But Blackened Teeth (2021 By Cassandra Knaw, also, apparently ppl didn't like this book??? IT WAS SO GOOD!), The Disappearance (2010 By Bentley Little), 1922 (2017 By Stephen King), The Phoenix Of Destiny (2013 By Elisabetta Dami)


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About me:

INFJ-T heyyyyy im haileyyy!!!!!!!!! chronically online :,)! i go by hailey, haybale, or halo (if ur close w me you can call me guppy :D). my pronouns are she / her but you can use any including neopronouns. im 16! im omnisexual and questioning polyyyy FUN FACTS!!: my favorite color is blue, i love mashed potatoes, my fav animal is FISH, im 5ft flat (yes lol), i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE stuffed animals, i loved creating things, im an aspiring youtuber! ok ill add more later byeeeee (also im a little scared to msg first, so u prob have to msg me first :p)

Who I'd like to meet:

Natural Free Palestine! Mew

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