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"-with sparkling crystal souls aglow."

tally wall in progress 💪

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( *= special interest, ^ = hyperfixation ) | -space/astronomy/astrophysics * | -botany/plants ^ | -meteorology | -ornithology | -the backrooms | -subnautica | -terraria | -no man's sky |


.-lemon demon | -will wood | -king gizzard & the lizard wizard ^ | -the murlocs | -tally hall/miracle musical * | -pomegrapefruit (my band w/ kepler_22b (we dont have music released yet))


.-avatar (2009) | -interstellar | -ermm. idk


.-lego ninjago (up to date) | -inanimate insanity ^ (up to date) | -battle for dream island ^ (up to date) | -rise of the teenage mutant ninja turtles ^ (finished) | -breaking bad | -tally hall's internet show


like none idk


.????? um. unsure

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hiya !!! im finnegan, joe, or scott :] + like 20 other names but. those are my favs :3 ermmm i mainly use he/him but anything other than she/her & they/them works just fine. my special interest is astronomy but hawaii part ii/miracle musical might be one as well idk. please ask me about it regardless though. i will gladly infodump for hours (<- infodumped about his interpretation of every single individual line of dream sweet in sea major + his theory as to why its 7 minutes long on the dot & why the title "dream sweet in sea major" is a genius title for it. also why "hawaii part ii" is a genius title for the album itself. yes i know its second meaning is 9/11). ermm my favorite hpii song would probably have to be introduction to the snow but dream sweet in sea major is an incredibly close second like unfathomably close. variations on a cloud would be really close as well if it were in hpii but its not. please ask me about that song too i literally am like in love with all of its references to hpii (layout is by !!)

Who I'd like to meet:

other people who like my interests, as long as they dont fit the generic tumblr dni !!! also no harry potter fans please. preferably those who share 3 or more, but just 1 is alright :3 id also like to meet other therians/fictionkins/otherkins !!!! just people who i think are neat pretty much !! also go check out my best friend alex (he's the victim to like all of my infodumps)

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miss beloved

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HIHIHIHI :3 ^_^ :D

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hi finnegan. hi. hifinegan . hello finnegan. hello hi

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hi alex.hia elx. hi alrx

by finnegan/scott :3; ; Report

joeeee hawleyyyy joe hawley joe hawleyyy

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Daria Morgendorffer

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cool layout

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by finnegan/scott :3; ; Report


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woah!! you seem mega cool

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thankk you !! =D you do too !!

by finnegan/scott :3; ; Report

roof (DM BEFORE ADDING PLS i wanna chat)

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nice pokemon xy pfp! i loved that show as a kid !!

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thankk you so much !! =D i was really into it for like 4-5 years when i was younger, & im getting back into it now =]

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my dad bought me the series on YT, so im rewatching it :D

by roof (DM BEFORE ADDING PLS i wanna chat); ; Report

ooh, awesome !! im just using a website my friend recommended to me HGRHESJM

by finnegan/scott :3; ; Report

(wait, i coulda gotten it for fee? d'oh!)

by roof (DM BEFORE ADDING PLS i wanna chat); ; Report

yeah, but i wouldn't have known either if i didn't tell my friend that i couldn't find xy/xyz anywhere since i don't have hulu & i don't have it on youtube. a bit odd how you can hardly watch it anywhere, though.

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