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"playing taiko"

20M, TX

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3d modeling, MUSIC!!, reptiles, plushies, various kinds of media preservation, 2000s / 2010s nostalgia


sonic dragolgo <33, glaze<3, golden boy, goreshit, mystery skulls<3, studio killers, osamu sato, rei harakami<3, serani poji, sienna sleep, fall out boy, kinniku shojotai, caravan palace<3, vylet pony, aphex twin, DJ TECHNORCH, machine girl


fnaf, ginger snaps, perfect blue, repo the genetic opera, watership down


mob psycho 100, my little pony friendship is magic, breaking bad, better call saul, smiling friends, king of the hill


fazbear frights, yokai cats, the silver eyes trilogy


serizawa katsuya, johnny joestar, charles martinet, matthew lillard


dachsund, cat, and crested gecko


vampire zombie angel demon cat dog thing who's also a dj

Video Games

taiko no tatsujin, baldur's gate 3, grand theft auto 5, terraria, picross, pikmin 3, poochy and yoshi's woolly world, spyro 1, roblox, no more heroes, animal jam classic (username: mach1neg1rl)

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About me:

"                  Whatever the girl I do

           Inside you are

You are walking, you are still walking

    But if the early light has it tonight and I'm

                I'm like one earring if you steal one earring "

Cuantos años llevas en Mexico? メキシコに来て何年になるの?

  hi! i'm a blender artist + music newbie. i mainly do dnb but i like to make ambient as well. stuck living in the past. im h4zure_03 on p much all socials and my music is under dJ DOGBiTE. im also an og mlp/fnaf fan (yes i LOVED the movie!!)

  friend requests from 15 and under will be ignored (i am 20) Bio Hazard Sign

Who I'd like to meet:

the real life william afton <3 ALSOOO any fellow electronic music artists n such :)!!

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ur profile rocks!!! lookin fly as helllll

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thank u!!!

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ur profile layout is supa kewl [even if the bg isnt workin :P] u seem rly awesome ! ty for the add back :3

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thanks, and no prob!! yeah idk wtf happened to the bg. i just gave up last night i was soooo tired ;u;

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Awesome profile ^_^

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thank u!!!! <333

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