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“𝖂𝖊𝖎𝖗𝖉 𝖎𝖘 𝖇𝖊𝖚𝖙𝖎𝖋𝖚𝖑”

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₊˚NANA⊹♡ ₊˚COD⊹♡ ₊˚Paradise Kiss⊹♡ ₊˚Skins⊹♡ ₊˚Sailor Moon⊹♡ ₊˚Madoka Magica⊹♡ ₊˚HTF⊹♡ ₊˚Scott Pilgrim⊹♡ ₊˚Moral Orel⊹♡ ₊˚Stocking and Panty⊹♡ ₊˚Yandere visualnovels⊹♡


₊˚I listen to anything so I don't have an especific taste⊹♡


₊˚The Nightmare Before Christmas⊹♡ ₊˚The corpse bride⊹♡ ₊˚Frankenweenie⊹♡ ₊˚Elvira the mistress of the dark⊹♡


₊˚I guess prime video, only for South park⊹♡


₊˚I read a lot but my fav book is "The Song of Achilles"⊹♡



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♡⊹.* Eng/Esp ┆★ ˙ she/him !? ᰔ 14 ᰔ INFP       ╰┈➤ I'm shy so feel free to DM first! / I'm AroAce so please don't be creep! / ♡

Amy Lee

Amy Lee

Though cool and intimidating on the outside- you're a very kind and empathetic person on the inside. You're naturally inspiring, and many people want to emulate you. You're also a very quiet and private person, which might diminish your true potential. Don't be afraid to break out of your shell!

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Isuu ᐢᗜᐢ

Isuu ᐢᗜᐢ's profile picture


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El tuyo es divino! Me encanta la vibra que tienes 🖤

(Muchas gracias por cierto)

by ⋆⭒ 𝓨𝓾𝓷˚♡。⋆; ; Report

Corpse Wife

Corpse Wife's profile picture

Your profile is so pretty i love it

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I can say the same about yours ♡

by ⋆⭒ 𝓨𝓾𝓷˚♡。⋆; ; Report


✧Blake's profile picture

AMOOO tu perfil! Esta muy lindoo

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Muchas gracias el tuyo esta divino ♡!

Moral orel la mejor serie de Adult swim B)

by ⋆⭒ 𝓨𝓾𝓷˚♡。⋆; ; Report

Y CONCUERDO, y amo las novelas visuales del estilo que dijiste, adoro tus gustos hablando de eso

by ✧Blake; ; Report

Me alegra que compartamos gustos, y si también me gustan mucho las novelas visuales ♡

by ⋆⭒ 𝓨𝓾𝓷˚♡。⋆; ; Report


G4byy's profile picture

Your profile is so beautiful ! !

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Omg tysm! yours is really beautiful too <3

by ⋆⭒ 𝓨𝓾𝓷˚♡。⋆; ; Report

we are the opposite of each other XD

by G4byy; ; Report

FR! but it's still cool B)

by ⋆⭒ 𝓨𝓾𝓷˚♡。⋆; ; Report

𝒵𝒶𝓁𝒾𝓉𝒶 🍓 ᪲᪲ ˙⁠๑ ⁠✧ ⊹ ฺ୨୧

 𝒵𝒶𝓁𝒾𝓉𝒶 🍓 ᪲᪲ ˙⁠๑ ⁠✧ ⊹ ฺ୨୧...'s profile picture

Pensé que mi perfil estaba lindo hasta que encontré el tuyo (hermoso por cierto 💝🗣️💫)

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Pero si el tuyo no se queda atras es hermoso! (∩•ω•∩)

by ⋆⭒ 𝓨𝓾𝓷˚♡。⋆; ; Report

Evan ʚꨄ︎ɞ

Evan ʚꨄ︎ɞ's profile picture

Cute profile 🤍

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Tysm I luv yours too ♡

by ⋆⭒ 𝓨𝓾𝓷˚♡。⋆; ; Report


sulli's profile picture

Tu perfil igual es muy boni!! 🩷

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Muchas graciaas <3

by ⋆⭒ 𝓨𝓾𝓷˚♡。⋆; ; Report