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"Nothing at all."

I'm 13, INTP, I'm from Ecuador, U can use they/them pronouns ^^.

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Vocaloid, Project Sekai: Colorful Stage Ft. Hatsune Miku, Genshin Impact, 25時、ナイトコードで。, NSO (Needy Streamer Overload), Cats, MILGRAM, Cuarteto de Nos, 2D MVS, Memes, Relatable/Vent Posts (TikTok), OMORI, Scaramouche/Kunikuzushi/Wanderer, Asahina Mafuyu, Kangel/Ame, Tame, etc (I kin some of them, I'm not going to say who) Akuma-kun, Higurashi, Wonder Egg Priority, Minecraft, Bee and Puppycat, etc, I LOVE CATS T T


J-Pop, Vocaloid (mostly V-Flower), MARETU, Kakiribear, Nightcord at 25:00 - 25時、ナイトコードで。), Guchiry, Kikuo, Hoyo-Mix (Genshin Impact), Cuarteto de Nos, Roar, Cavetown, Girl in Red, Nekobolo, Siinamota, Ado, Eve, NGO, Mafumafu, Yuu Miyashita, Bo en, Ghost and Pals, Inabakumori, TUYU, Neru, etc.





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About me:

- AR 55 player in Genshin Impact. - Lvl 69 in Project Sekai (JP server) Expert Mode player. - Scaramouche/Wanderer Main. • I'm h14, you can call me that or Saku. I'm agender and aroace, you can use They/Them pronouns. I like to play games and listen to music.. and I like drawing too. I really take some time to trust you, but I think that we will be friends.. I guess. I can get attached so easily so don't leave me if we are friends.

Who I'd like to meet:

Someone with similar interests as me, I would really like that if that's too much to ask.. someone that sends hug or pat gifs too. But I would really really appreciate if you let me vent or you listen to my struggles and be with me in really dark moments, I'm struggling right now, and I can't guarantee if I'll be a good and perfect friend for you, but I'll try my best.. ✨

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Silly blud x3

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