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"coding ^__^"

i am old enough to drink but too young to like the taste :/

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reading/drawing various comics, dressing like a freak, taking care of my tamagotchi, staring at other people's dogs, playing unsettling rpgs, effing around with html (with mixed results), doing diy stuff with perler and kandi and clothes and whatnot, talking to the dead, taking pictures (expensive) and getting them developed (also expensive my life is hell and capitalism only fuels the flames)


manic street preachers, pierce the veil, a bunch of metal that im too lazy to list but shrine of malice is really good, smashing-pumpkins hole radiohead fleetwood-mac led-zeppelin nirvana metallica tumblr-a201aef185f6c8fbf45d07eca64d5703-60c2b323-250 tumblr-a87ba36834f21a9dc03eb144a38c7147-fc7acef9-100


jennifer's body, napoleon dynamite, stepford wives, corpse bride, american psycho, harold and maude, heathers, rango, the black phone, society (1989), scream (1 is godtier, 2/3 are okay, 6 was pretty cool) la llorona, fight club <3 754667r8n2u197zw


hannibal, invader zim, evangelion, it's always sunny in philadelphia, death note but only the part with L in it, anything with a gay evil person in it to be quite honest, arrested development, the simple life, breaking bad, swarm d84ede5b9926a7742fe382065bdf41f3ec5be96f 1b2d193e3e1b03fe68d990942c2c2609ebcbf5c5


BOOK books: go down together (jeff guinn), exquisite corpses (poppy brite), carrie (stephen king), rebecca (daphne dumaurier), lolita (viktor nabokov. it's not a love story. don't get me started on that shit), bloodchild (octavia butler), alice in wonderland/through the looking glass. RECOMMEND ME BOOKS please!! i love to read

COMICS/webcomics: johnny the homicidal maniac, squee, what happens next, invader zim, cucumber quest, the one I read in High School that i don't talk about unless you hold a gun to my pretty little head, does my own comic count? is that narcissistic? maybe. i like my comics though


jhonen vasquez, my little sister, gerard way (he has pretty hair), my friend shriya, my ankle jonah, toby fox + steve gabry, and most importantly my bestest friend and boyfriend in the whole wide world NEPTUNE!!!!!

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About me:

[NOTE: PROFILE CURENTLY UNDERGOING RENOVATIONS. BEAR WITH ME PLS] emo boy crossdresser. I like to post art and pictures of my outfits on my blog! go read my blog go go go tumblr-1b803b4532e37e4c3f9e17c360442782-3fadd95c-400 tumblr-28326f3e5a0024bb86a564f28c5156da-41b4dff2-400

Who I'd like to meet:

liddlealien I'd like to meet other adult emo/scene/metalhead friends, likeminded people, people who don't think like me at all, ghosts, people who live off the grid (desert punks please please talk to me you are so cool) and most importantly, small dogs. messages and comments are always welcome even if you are not a small dog. ^__^ please b friends with me... i have many redeeming qualities i swear!

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Fellow crossdress?! Fellow Tamagotchi Enjoyer?!??

Agaishsoiasj thnx for the add

☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

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radical page cheif!

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<3 <3

by guts; ; Report

bean ₍^ >ヮ<^₎

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omggg ur super cute !! ur profile tooooo !!! :33

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ack thank youuu >__<

by guts; ; Report


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you are the scene kid of my dreams >///<

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omg what if we kissed and we were both boys >__<

by guts; ; Report


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ty for the add!! youre super cute <3

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pshhh ur cuter!!!!

by guts; ; Report


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Wow the number of JTHM fans on this website makes me so happy. I've only read the first issue but he is my Son. My Fucked-Up Transgender Son.

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right!! it's so funny, he's really written to be sympathetic despite the pretentiousness and the penchant for uhhhhh murder. but yeah he's pretty gender

by guts; ; Report


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I <3 the bows and bracelets you wear-!!!

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thank you!!! <3 <3

by guts; ; Report