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my special interests are dinosaurs, minecraft, fnaf, power rangers and chuck e cheese, and my hyperfixations r sharks, invader zim, markiplier, tmnt and specially gir hehehe i also love homestuck hurhurhurhur im agender but go by he/him!!!!!!!


Avril Lavigne, 6arelyhuman, Jack Stauber, Lemon Demon, Tally Hall, Metallica, C418, Graham Kartna, Kesha, Britney Spears, Toby Fox, NSYNC, Big Time Rush, BSB, Pröz, 3OH!3, Green Day, Jake Webber, etc.


invader zim, any tmnt movie, the hunger games, mlp a new generation, jurassic park/world, the princess diaries, confessions of a teenage drama girl, vampire sisters, monster high, etc xP


supernatural, power rangers, invader zim, pokemon, tmnt, mlp make your mark, mlp gen4, sonic, and i dont remember more HELP but prob spunchbop and paw patrol


shadowhunters aaaaaand the maze runner


SPIDER-MAN!!!!!!! AND THE FLASH ALSO HDAJSDH and I know captain cold isnt a hero BUT CAPTAIN COLD IN THE FLASH TV SHOW >>>>>

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my name iz kimey!!! but u can call meh mikey or rat :3 im a scene kid aaand IM THE BIGGEST GIR FAAANNNN FRGRGRGRR i liv in argentina and im ate a teen years old (18 XD) i am autistic and have adhd, im also physically disabled rawr | pronouns: he/him |

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clawed beauty, jack stauber, avril lavigne, markiplier, my bsf from poland aaaaaaaaaaaaaand GIR

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