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☆ Drawing, listening 2 music, playing a fuck ton of instruments, roleplaying, watching TV showz such az The Owl House and Invader Zim, playing videogamez, alternative fashion (punk,goth,y2k,scene,emo ect…) and more!☆


☆Korn ☆Slipknot ☆Rammstein ☆Metallica ☆KISS ☆System of a down ☆David Bowie ☆AC/DC ☆Gunz and rosez ☆My chemical romance ☆The beetlez ☆Blondie ☆Green day ☆Gorillaz ☆Mindless self indulgence ☆Queen ☆Mother mother ☆The oozez ☆Eminem ☆ Therez more but these r just the onez that I could name from the top of my head lmao ☆


☆I’m not really a movie person, but I’ll name some that I enjoyed ☆ ☆Puss in bootz - The last wish ☆Invader Zim - The Movie ☆Sonic The Hedgehog moviez ☆8 milez ☆Alien ☆Scream ☆Demon Slayer - Mugen Train ☆Monster High - Every Movie ☆Rise Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtez - The Movie


☆ Most of em r animated lmao ☆ ☆The Owl House ☆Invader Zim ☆Amphibia ☆Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared ☆Demon Slayer ☆Jojoz Bizarre Adventure ☆Beastarz ☆Madoka Magica ☆The office ☆Breaking Bad ☆Neon Genesis Evangelion ☆Cyberpunk the anime ☆Saiki K. ☆Tuca and Bertie ☆Bojack Horseman ☆Sailor Moon



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About me:

☆ Hello! I’m Nick. I’m a 15 yo Serbian artist thatz just looking 4 friendz :] ☆ I enjoy drawing stuff like my original characterz, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtlez, The Owl House and Helluva Boss. ☆ I’m a bi demiromantic genderfluid that usez any pronounz! Tho he/they/it iz preffered! ☆ I really enjoy rock/metal/punk music artistz, and I dress cyber Y2K’ish. ☆I’m just looking 4 friendz lmao ☆

Who I'd like to meet:

☆ More queer artistz! ☆ People that have the same music taste az me. ☆ People that dress alternative and cool! ☆ Literally anyone swagger lmao.

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