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β™‘ Paleontology and paleoart
β™‘ Evolutionary relationships
β™‘ Dinosaurs including birds
β™‘ LGBTI issues and history
β™‘ Collecting pins and patches
β™‘ Archiving and archive digging
β™‘ Learning new things
β™‘ Surfing the web
β™‘ Sculpting and drawing
β™‘ Team Fortress 2
β™‘ Privacy


β™‘ Pavement
β™‘ Silver Jews
β™‘ System of a Down
β™‘ Third Eye Blind
β™‘ Meat Puppets
β™‘ Stone Temple Pilots
β™‘ Smashing Pumpkins
β™‘ Pure Prairie League
β™‘ Electric Light Orchestra
β™‘ Machine Girl
β™‘ Talking Heads
β™‘ Lil Nas X
β™‘ Sublime
β™‘ Kraftwerk
β™‘ Much more






Haven't got a list to put here yet, but I like really any field guide / encyclopedia type of book I can get my hands on.


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Check out a site I've made. It's a one man passion project.

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Thanks for the add! I very much enjoy paleontology as well. Do you watch any paleo channels on youtube? Moth Light Media and Dr. Polaris are some of my favorites. I hope your day/evening is going well!

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I watch them occasionally, although I get most of my paleo content from Twitter paleo circles. I would highly recommend PBS Eons, Brian Engh, and ESPECIALLY Your Dinosaurs Are Wrong, they produce very high quality in depth content. I'm sure there's more but that's who I can think of off of the top of my head. I've seen a bit of Moth Light Media, but I'm not subscribed. I hope your day is going well too!

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omg a fellow rat lover…. ty for adding me u seem cool as hell!!!

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Hey thanks for accepting my request! You seem pretty cool too :)
I love rats, I've kept them a few times in the past growing up and they're very sweet pets. I really want to keep a lil pack of them in the future with my bf.

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oh neat!!! I’ve also had several groups of rats, I might again someday too hahaha!! they are so funny and crazy. thinking about future pet plans is so fun :*D

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Oh yeah, my bf has sent me a LONG list of future names for rats and what he thinks their name would best apply to based on coat color. I really want to dedicate a room for them tbh since they need so much space. They will be spoiled little guys

When I was a kid I had some mice, and while I'm sure they can be cool I found myself preferring rats way more

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aww, sweet of him!! ur bf the designated rat namer… Yeah, the most rats I had at a time was four, and they had a Huge cage!! they liked to run around on our sofa as well hahahaha. I’m living in a dorm rn but I think once I move out I’ll try to adopt or foster a cat first before trying to tackle rats again… but someday!

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He REALLY wants one named Baja Blast. And yeah right now my living situation doesn't really allow for rat ownership unfortunately. I have two elderly chihuahuas I've had since I was a kid, and once they pass I'll probably have a Rat Only household for the foreseeable future. It's so sad they only live two years tho. I've also thought about dove ownership, but they're very time-consuming companions

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good luck with ur pets omg!! I’m sure there’ll be baja blast and friends in your future!!!! And woah, doves also sound really cool! I have a friend who raises pigeons and can confirm they are a lot of work :,*D it’d be a cool thing to look into though!!

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Thank you! It was nice meeting you :)

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