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⛧ chokers (favorite are spike chokers and the iconic choker with 3 rings), fidget toys, monster energy cans, boba tea, mint, caramel, animal skulls (mainly avian, canine and deer skulls), purple, earrings, gemstones, purple, koi fish, catfish (the actual fish) and gore art.

⛧ I own a collection of monster energy cans, chokers and a small set of gemstones (Monster energy drink taste usually sucks + I don’t like caffeine)

⛧ Im currently into Peter Pan in general, (main fixation or interest brr. I don’t shut up about it) I like The Amazing Digital Circus, lemon monster (friday night funkin), and Hazbin Hotel?? Kinda





⛧ Willwoods, Goreshit, lemon demon, machine girl, bôa, Sodikken, rory in the early 20’s, maretu, siouxxie sixxsta, Jazmine Bean, Pinkpantharess and more


⛧ Return to Neverland (sequel for Disney’s Peter Pan)

⛧ Spider-man across the spiderverse

⛧ Super Mario anime movie (I forgot the specific name)

⛧ Puss in boots the last wish

⛧ Chirin’s bell

⛧ Barbie (2023)

⛧ The Super Mario Bros. (2023)

⛧ Five Night’s at Freddy’s (2023) 


Bluey ??? Im not into tv shows and everything but that’s the only thing my eye catched 

⛧ Serial experiments lain


⛧ Peter pan by J.M Barrie

⛧ Peter pan in scarlet 

⛧ Peter pan in Kensington Garden 

⛧ The secret of Nimh  

(Im so normal)



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About me:

Layout made by Moss ~>

 If you rejected my friend request and you see me adding you again, keep ignoring it because my memory is awful

Hi!! My name is Vincent but you can call me Vin, Vinnie, Vince, koi and pan‼️ I go only by he/him pronouns and i speak spanish and english. Im aware my english is not the best in any form but, I’ll try my best to make my english decent. I usually draw a lot and I like listening to music (idk my music taste but ik i have a variety of genres) As you can tell, i really, really love and enjoy Peter Pan and I’m mostly into disney’s and the original J.M Barrie’s Book (Peter Pan and Wendy) also, If i add you, it’s because we share interests and/or found you cool.

⛧ List of social medias >

Notes before interacting with me:

➠ If you vent in any type or talk about any irl stuff going on (doesn’t necessarily has to be negative.), I will leave on read because I mentally can’t tolerate it and I can’t do nothing for you than listening or saying “I’m sorry what you’re going through”. Keep the conversation lighthearted and positive. Also, I usually don’t talk what I do irl, what happened irl etc. I also stay away from vent/rants/stress relief bulletins. I also don’t like answering the “how are you?” because that’s like asking how’s my life going regardless how my days are going. Good, bad, neutral, hyped, idc. Keep it limited.

➠ I remove people easily for a specific reason or because something is bothering me. It’s mostly because I feel unfit, disconnected, not interacting or any specific reason.

➠ Use tone indicators.

➠ If you do any type of drug usage, drinking, smoking/vape etc, please do not shove it on my face or say that you do stuff like this, specially if you’re a minor (under 17). So please keep it away from my face and keep it by your own. This applies to anyone, friend or not.

Do not interact with me if your age / age range is not present on your profile. This is to avoid unintentionally adding underages.

I do not accept friends collectors. Make sure you’re not one of them. Only add me if you think im genuine interesting or wish to talk to me.

Sometimes im picky with interest and choices, including people. It probably explains the lack of interest I have. I do not accept every friend request, either because it feels unfit or/and might feel disconnected.

➠ Estos días estoy recibiendo “friend request” de chicas de 14 años de edad y hablantes español. Si tienes 14 años o menos, por favor. NO ME AÑADEN. SOLAMENTE ACEPTO 15 Y EN ADELANTE. NO MENOS. 

Who I'd like to meet:

⛧ Im looking for people who can interact and IM me!! I need people who can interact with me and not leaving me for a whole month!! I will respond when I can.

⛧ Artist (if you draw lol), owns OCs (original characters) scene and scene-emo people (not necessarily. It can be any type of person), 15+ and up, non-dry texters, people who may enjoy/is okay with Peter pan content, online people, people who shares similar or same interests as mines, and people to talk with! (It can be any type of person, i think)

⛧ I’d like to not meet people who are under of 15, who may rush or pressure about me texting the person back, who may dislike or not okay with my likings, people who uses a plain “ok”.

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