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"eating the cotton candy i found in my walls"

Silly little guy

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Marble Hornets, Gemini Home Entertainment, EveymanHYBRID slenderverse, ARGs/analog horror, QSMP, Slimecicle, JRWI, omori, crochet making necklaces and bracelets, DnD, baking and cooking psychopathology, neuroscience, stuff about the human body, Jerma985, Transformers, etc ❗❗


Will Wood, LoveJoy, Neil Cicierega aka Lemon Demon, Jack Stauber, Tally Hall, Brave The Sea, Rio Romeo, ICP, TFB, Vocaloids, Odetari, The Crane Wives, Alex G, tv girl, any piratey song, electric songs, and loud songs in general ykyk ❗❗


Moxie, Girl Interrupted, Unfriended, BUMBLEBEE GEHEHHE, and Nimona❗


Heart break High, heartstopper, Smile PreCure, Marble Hornets, EMH, Transformers Prime, etc ❗


My side of the mountain, The Westing Game, George, Rick, Magic of Play School of fear, Murder Game, etc❗


Gillion Tidestrider, Champion of the Undersea, Hero of the Deep, Pigeon Lord, The One, Warrior of Rock and Roll, Singer/Songwriter of Gillion and the Tidestriders' hit single "The Hole in Your Heart", Moisture Master, Horse Tamer, Defenestrator of the Adulterous, Friend of Dugon, Dugon's Best Friend, Walking Fish, Fish, Dirt Eater, Chum of Chibo and Chums, Co-Captain Gill of the Riptide Pirates, Co-captain of the Albatross, Companion of Pretzel, Paramount Champion, Knighter of Julian That One Time, Pretzel Carrier, Leviathan Tamer, Serpent Rider, Brother of Dugon, Healer of the Sick, Friend of Duke D Dukem Duke of Dooke, Eater of Grass, Beater of Ass, Grandma's Good Boy, Dismantler of Evil, Eater of Shit, Capitalism Hater, Royalty Assassinator, Sufferer of the Spice, Weed Eater, Slayer of Evil, Loffinlot Liberator, Fruitninja, Eater of Sand, Juice Enjoyer, Rescuer of John, Fishy, Bitcoin Miner, NFT Purchaser, Driplord, Grandmillion, The One Who Will Change The World, Grimm Slayer, In Need of a Dad, Goblin Gobbler, Lime Lord, Tuber, Chip's Nightmare Fuel, Monsoon And Moon Son, Eater of Ass, Pretzel Seeker, Vibe Master, Pussy Slayer, Murderer of Vice Admiral Kuba Kinta, Gillion Mother-fucking Titty-sucking Tidestrider, Egg Hater, Bong Obliterator, Baby signer, Babygirl, The Red One, Skillion Liedsneaker, Fishy Boy, Tidestrizzer, Jorts Storm, Hero of the Hour, Popper of Sacks, Tree Hugger AND SLIMECICLE ❗❗(also maybe bumblebee from the hit show "Transformers: prime")

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About me:

Hii! I'm Kai, the silliest person you'll ever meet! Here is some info about me before you interact:
Pronouns - They/them/themselves, or just any you wanna call me
Age - I'm not really comfortable with sharing it online, but I'm around 13-15
Sexuality - Pansexual, ambiamorous & greyasexual (?)
Personality type - It changes a lot, but I mostly get infp-t on the tests!
For more info, here is my TikTok/introduction! https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZT8F9k6pH/
I pinky promise I'm cool please follow me 😿 But, I do have struggles talking to people (erm..) and it scares me if I have to start conversations first! I'll try, but I am NOT good at staring/keeping conversations. Seriously I literally love all my mutuals but don't know how to talk to them. You know who you are. Anyways!!
I won't spam or anything if we do start talking daily, and I'm more then happy to hear you rant/vent! You wanna talk about your hyperfixations & special interests? I'm here! Something bad happened and you just gotta let it out to someone? I'm also still very here!
I change my layouts a lot, so don't get used to this one 😾 If we r really close, I'll be more open about myself, and by open I mean talking about my irl life more?? If you have any questions about anything on this profile, feel free to ask! I'm chronically online so I'll probably see your notification?
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Who I'd like to meet:

Omori fans, Sorry boys fans, JRWI fans, QSMP fans, Slimecicle fans, generation Loss fans, marble hornets fans, Slender verse fans, Jerma985 fans, TRANSFORMER FANS!!!!!!!! etc ❗❗

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