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JJBA !! I LOVE JOJO !!!! #1 SPECINT !!!!!!, pjsekai, bandori, skullgirls, persona 5, my little pony, ponytown, fnaf, roblox, chainsaw man, mystic messenger (kinda), cookie run specifically ovenbreak, STARDEW VALLEY!!!, & magnus archives :3c


I O: acid bath, the cure, smashing pumpkins, PTV, mychem, fob, paramore, NIN, dead kennedys, black flag, kittie <333 I LIKE: circle jerks, discharge, the exploited, th* sm*ths, cannibal corpse, autopsy, green day, alice in chains im probably missing some but cannot rember becvause my brain blanks when ppl ask what music i like ^_^


not rlly a movies guy,, i do like every MH and bratz movie though <3 and i love watching gory horror and slasher movies


JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE SCRAPES AND PEELS OFF MY SKIN !!!! YOU DON'T LIKE IT AS MUCH AS I DO !!! /mostly-joking-lol... i OOO chainsaw man and azumanga-daioh,,, bangs head against wall;;;; i dont watch actual TV but i love youtube and i love kurtis conner, danny gonzalez, drew gooden, chadchad, jarvis, markipplier, lilsimsie, and a few more bwehhh



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About me:

Pink Transparent Star HAI !!! MY NAME IS TORALEI OR TORA ! i'm 17, AuDHDBPD, and idk what else to put here but im very socially awkward lel

Who I'd like to meet:

ANYONE under 21 who will talk to me first :) dont rlly have a dni, if i think ur weird ill block; no hard feelings. i like creating an echo chamber <3

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