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"still updating my page, so don't judge it just yet!"

19, too queer for pronouns (so u can use whatever lol)

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👁 music (i play 10 instruments, aiming for more one day!) 👁 art (im going thru major art block - years long atp :( - but i still like drawing, painting, digital, scultping, kandi making, etc. if its art i probably enjoy it lol) 👁 cooking/baking (in more ways than one winkity wonk) 👁 going to bars with my friends 👁 alternative subcultures (the histories, the fashion, the politics, the music - im currently super into goth music, but im leaning more towards metal lately) 👁 politics/philosophy (thats my major! year 2 of uni) 👁 fashion (diy fashion, not fast fashion) 👁 autumn 👁 the concept of death (i think it is rlly interesting and kinda sweet how we as humans coexist with the knowledge that we will all eventually die one day) 👁


👁 i am one of those people who says they listen to basically any genre and MEANS IT 👁 i cant say i have a fave genre of music but i typically go for more high energy songs that are just fun sounding 👁 if a song has synth in it i am ALL over it i fucking love that shit 👁 like i said in general, i like a lot of music belonging to alt subcultures (punk rock, goth, nu wave, etc) 👁 i will say that im not a fan of a lot of popular music 👁 maybe im just still stuck in my "not like other girls" phase but it feels bland and empty to me because its just done for a paycheck in my mind; theres nothing i can relate to with it 👁 and theyre also usually too slow and low energy for me lol 👁 but my current fave song fixation is dominion by Sisters of Mercy 👁 special shoutout to video game soundtracks (especially ones from my childhood - nostalgiaaaaaaa) 👁


👁 im gonna be honest, i dont have the attention span or motivation/drive to watch most movies/shows/series 👁 but FUCK DUDE I LOVE THE MAGNUS ARCHIVES 👁 if you also like the silly tragic gay horror podcast pls interact w me i have so much to say abt it but no-one to say it to DX 👁 but i do like doctor who 👁 star trek 👁 a lot of sci fi mostly lmao 👁 also bbc merlin 👁 im not huge on watching anime just because a lot of them are gross towards characters from marginalised groups (and as a poli sci major i cant just ignore it) 👁 but i do love and respect it as an art form, and i am open to watching it if i find one i like 👁 ive always loved watching animated things or cartoons bc bright colours and fun wacky stories u cant get w live action lol 👁 i do watch a lot of youtube tho 👁 markiplier, slimecicle, dougdoug, and dan and phil are my top 5 rn 👁


👁 im also not much of an avid game PLAYER, but i love analysing them and watching other ppl play them 👁 thats mostly bc im not good at games but whatever WDJDSJ 👁 i do play a lot of chill relaxing games tho, like animal crossing, stardew valley, the sims, etc. 👁 the quote unquote "girl" games (i only say that bc unfortunately it gives u a good idea of the games i like; i dont think that these games r just for girls, its just that there is a societal connotation to "girl" things) 👁 but im a fan of breath of the wild (not the combat or anything bc im scared LMAO) 👁 i just like cooking and collecting things 👁 if a game has me doing a routine task repeatedly with easily achievable goals that keep coming indefinitely, im so down to play for 7 hours straight 👁


👁 okay so im not much of a reader anymore, but i do still like books 👁 i dont have much time to read nowadays outside of my stuff for classes, but even those books are pretty cool imo 👁 im a philosophy major, so most philosophy books are fun for me to read bc i like a challenge, and they make me feel smart lol 👁 i do love the percy jackson series and its various spinoffs/side series (like the kane chronicles - sadie had my entire heart when i was younger lmao) 👁 lotr and the hobbit are 2 of my faves to this day tho 👁 i wish i still had the reading skills i had when i was younger, but burnout and phone addiction will do that to a person ig lol 👁 i do have plans to pick up reading again at some point tho 👁 i wanna read the odyssey and the illiad, as well as a bunch of classics (bc i never gave them a fair shot when i was younger) 👁 i wanna try reading the picture of dorian gray, carmilla, dracula, a lot of edgar allen poe, etc. 👁 darker classics basically (i am goth after all) 👁


👁 i think thats mostly it - im a pretty boring person after all 👁 my personality always seems to be dying before i can even find out who they were, so its kinda hard for me to fill these things out lol 👁 also, if i seem to be really sad and depressing at times, or if i seem like im trauma dumping or whatever, im sorry because i really dont mean to 👁 its just that many of these things effect my life in what (to me) feels like very neutral ways, but they effect it nonetheless, so i have to provide explanations to people 👁 unfortunately, the reasons why i am the way i am are uncomfortable for a lot of people 👁 which i completely get, and if you dont want to associate w me because of it, thats perfectly fine 👁 but i figured id give a warning that sometimes i can come off as trying to be super edgy when i really dont mean to, i just like using artistic language to express myself (and unfortunately, "myself" hasnt been super great for the past 10ish years) 👁 i am working on myself though, and im currently going to semi-regular counselling sessions to hopefully help me get over caring so much about what others think so i dont have to always overexplain everything i do so i dont come off as weird or so i dont accidentally hurt people 👁 i think u can see i tend to overexplain, given the length of all these fucking paragraphs lmao 👁

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About me:

honestly, i dont have a clue as to who i am. am i an artist? am i a musician? but those dont feel like *me*, they're just things that i can do that basically anyone else can do given time and practice. and even then, im not really great at any one of them, and theyre so impermanent in my life that they surely cant be ALL that I am. so then who am i if not explained by the things i do? who am i when at rest, when im not doing anything? i suppose im just me :) (corny philosophical introduction aside, im a 19 year old stoner whos a bit of a loser with way too much anxiety and depression - but i stay positive when i can, so i like to think im a pretty friendly and kind person, even if the worms in my brain say otherwise)

blinkies n' shit!!

Who I'd like to meet:

minors please DNI! i have nothing against you personally, i'd just feel kinda weird as a 19 year old talking to like 16 year olds online, ya know? it's not that i think youre not cool or anything, i just want people more my age to interact with me, thats all :3 but anyone over 18 who isnt an asshole (okay a little bit of tomfoolery is allowed) is all right in my book!

also, i'm typically too shy to talk to people regularly, but sliding in to someones messages for a quick compliment is something i like to do! im not one for long online convos (sit down w me on a porch at night; i will talk your ear off for HOURS) but a few messages here and there are always nice :). just saying this so that ppl who are expecting deep in depth conversations and friendships from me wont be too disappointed to find out idk how to hold a conversation lmao

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hey cool dude :OOOOOO

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thanks! i love your profile sm, i miss domo DX

by ⦿『Opticophile』⦿; ; Report

me too :( finding merch of him is SO HARD D:

by superdomofan100; ; Report

i had a little figure of him ages ago but i threw it out when i was going thru my "im an adult now i dont need TOYS" phase T-T
my sibling still has a domo plush in a dinosaur onesie tho its so cute i want it for my desk at school LMAO

by ⦿『Opticophile』⦿; ; Report


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Cool page!

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thanks! still very much a WIP but hopefully i wont blast my code to bits before i finish lol

by ⦿『Opticophile』⦿; ; Report


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nice profile !! ૮ ᴖﻌᴖა

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thanks! still rough around the edges, but itll get there lol
i love ur pfp! is that a fursona of yours? its rlly well drawn and they look rlly nice!

by ⦿『Opticophile』⦿; ; Report

yup, thats my fursona Gorrister ! i commissioned it from a friend on tumblr

by shannon; ; Report

they did really good! i love seeing bovine fursonas sm, i feel like they dont get enough love <3

by ⦿『Opticophile』⦿; ; Report


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Thanks for the add Kandi maker

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no problem cool windows-layout person

by ⦿『Opticophile』⦿; ; Report