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I like things. demon slayer/KNY, BSD, both Avatars (blue animal people and the last airbender), Legend of Korra, class of ‘09, omori, DDLC, MLP, all the HTTYD shows/movies (not that new gen one:c ) stranger things, PJSK, warrior cats, star vs the forces of evil, finn wolfhard, scott pilgrim-ish, cherry crush, mikuuu, pokémon, yokai watch, saiki K, wolves, cats, owls, goats, snakes, horseshoe crabs, raccoons, snails-ish, jellyfish, a lot of aquatic animals/related things, smiling critters/poppy playtime, FNAF, genshin impact-ish invader zim, eddsworld, madoka, C.AI… , jerma, old DSMP fan (sadly.), analog horrors r cool, i like anything horror related. life of luxury, pikmins, roblox, minecraft, music, weirdly obsessed with anything garlic tasting, south park, flamingo, trolls-isshh? joe keery, vocaloids, sonic-ish, the BLEHHH cat (silly milly!!), wolfquest, sally face, sam and colby-ish, TLOZ (i have a lot of zelda games), young sheldon-ish, big bang theory-ish, panko the cat, IT, TADC-ish, spooky month (I got my name from it!), LDshadowlady, sanrio, semi OWM fan, panty and stocking, crumb, miraculous, semi kakegurui, STVU, the outsiders and thats all i can remember ^_^


uhh.. .. odd? I LOVE Alexg. I like hot freaks, her’s, beabadoobee, semi-lana del ray, semi/past - artic monkeys, melanie martinez, rebzyyx, luvwillow, zeija, julie, MCR, PTV, smashing pumpkins, roar, MITSKII, vocaloid, nightcore, ghost and pals, lemon demon, weezer, tally hall, bo burnham, glass animals, TV girl, McCafferty, MSI, ayesha erotica, bôa, the front bottoms, rory in early 20s, crystal castles, hoshie star, modern baseball, car seat headseat, jack stauber, quinn, girl in red, foo fighters, deftones, falling in reverse, paramore, get scared, nirvana, salvia path, of Montreal, semi-cavetown, mac demarco, adrianne lenker, and laufey. thats all i can remember rn



indunnk.. I like horro movies. maybe the conjuring series? ALSO any movies with finn wolfhard in them. i like the madagascar movies, all the httyd mvoies and the ice age ones (except for the newer ones, ew.) and i like most disney movies11!


kimetsu no yaibia, avatar, legend of korra, south park, stranger things, star VS the forces of evil, scott pilgrim, pokemon, yokai watch, saiki K, invaders zim, eddsworld, my little pony, teen titans, panty and stocking, semi-tadc, spooky month flamingo, skeppy and thats all i can remember. love/hate relationship with hazbin hotel and helluvaboss. mostly hate, but ive watched them both. (sadly.)


warrior cats,.... i dunool... KNY manga, the random mangas my mother buys for me, ATLA comics, and planninh on getting the korra ones too


i dont know what to put here so ill just put my favorite characters, that i can remember! GIYUUU MY BABY, muichiro, zenitsu, tanjiro, obanai, aang, momo, korra, eska, varrick, zhu li, stocking, kel, sunny/omori, len, miku, vflower, chuuya, ranpo, akutagawa, atsushi, mike wheeler and will byers ^_^

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About me:

he/him/it, the pink looks pretty with the black !! roy, 14, oct 14, i can speak a lil french 

(french class that i most definitely passed).

transmasc and pansexual.

single :P

american, live in us, EST o_o 

 i type really fast sometimes so i misspell often, and i donty have good memory X_x 

 a lot of people ive met claim that i have high signs of autism- i dont self-diagnose, but there MIGHT be a possibility. C564105-F-2-D4-B-45-D4-87-B1-3240784-E937-F 

Who I'd like to meet:

hatsune miku come here


idm meeting anyone!! 

i think it would be nice to have more friends. i dont think i should state the obvious, but dni if you're homophobic, transphobic, racist, etc; all the bad things- which i will not make an entire list for. just stay away if your not a good person !! 

my discord is yaibanokimetsu


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the famous fella giyuu (ur birthday is a day before mine, thats crazy)

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