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she/they/it, 19, transfem

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gay vomit


shinsei kamattechan, car seat headrest, smiling broadly, seeyouspacecowboy, mindless self indulgence, devi mccallion, ada rook, boris, machine girl, the brave little abacus, blood girl, my chemical romance, the pillows, jun togawa, 4lung, kero kero bonito, jeff rosenstock, ippotsk, ado, see through person


kiki's delivery service, ginger snaps, end of evangelion, scott pilgrim vs. the world, labyrinth, the breakfast club, coraline, jennifer's body, reanimator, suicide club, love and pop, wild zero, perfect blue, spider baby, cutie honey, hausu, peep "tv" show


FLCL, jojo's bizarre adventure, doctor who, neon genesis evangelion, i am not okay with this, invader zim, adventure time, soul eater, watamote, serial experiments lain, wonder egg priority, elfen lied, bocchi the rock, alien 9


boys run the riot, jojo's bizarre adventure, blood+, homestuck, ranfren, pretty guardian sailor moon, johnny the homicidal maniac, chainsaw man, i feel sick


legend of zelda majora's mask, needy girl overdose, celeste, sonic the hedgehog, pangya, undertale/deltarune, yume nikki, fatal frame, touhou

ok so i dont play that many games but here games/series that are on my "to play" list that i am eventually going to play but just havent yet lfldlsdkfsjkl

silent hill, resident evil, milk inside/outside a bag of milk..., omori, night in the woods, higurashi, danganronpa, evergrace, lost kingdoms, final fantasy, metal gear, hylics, .hack, persona, shin megami tensei, faith, gore screaming show


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About me:

hiii, my name is rei ! my pronouns are she/they/it
i am a trans, and im 19
i like weird, odd, and obscure music and movies and stuff :3 !!
i also am trying to maybe make music, but idk if ill post any of the stuff i make because most of it sucks ldskfjdsf,, but ill keep trying :3
im open to talk/message ! but will probably (most likely) not message first :P (also i might nott answer messages super quick if u do ksdfjlksdf sorryyy)

also, please only add if ur 17 or older

neocities site :3

Who I'd like to meet:

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amazing taste <3 what's your fav mcr song

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it changes but iiii think rn its either kill all your friends orrrr the jetset life is gonna kill you !!

by vomitgirl; ; Report

jetset life is so good i love it

by Luciel; ; Report


n3wg0ryv4mp.com's profile picture

thanks 4 the request :3
(also love the music player in your interests section, i wanna steal your code for that so badly LMAO)

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sdfh i actually uploaded it in the layouts section !



by vomitgirl; ; Report


by n3wg0ryv4mp.com; ; Report


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Sweet profile!

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thankuu ! :3

by vomitgirl; ; Report

🩸 赤血球

🩸 赤血球's profile picture

Hi ! Thank you so much for adding me, your page is very pretty to look at. (*´∀`*)

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hii, ur welcome :33 and thank uuu !! :3

by vomitgirl; ; Report


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I loveee your pageee!

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thank uuu :333

by vomitgirl; ; Report


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Thanks for the add!

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Saw someone ask this a while ago in your comments, but how do you make your music player? It kicks ass!! Especially that you can pause and play it

Thanks!! :D

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oh ! i can make a layout post thing with the code you'd need if u'd want !!

by vomitgirl; ; Report

https://layouts.spacehey.com/layout?id=36600 here sdjfsdlfj :3

by vomitgirl; ; Report

Thank youuuu!!! :D

by Joss; ; Report

ur welcome !!! :3

by vomitgirl; ; Report


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ty for the add!! you seem hella rad and i think its sick as hell to see someone whos also into jjba and keep your hands off eizouken!

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ur welcome andd thankkk uuuu !!! :3

by vomitgirl; ; Report


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thankz for the add!! luv ur profile and ur music taste iz da bomb !

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thankk u !!! :3

by vomitgirl; ; Report


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ur profile n likez r so cool rei :DD

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thankk uuu !!! :3

by vomitgirl; ; Report


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Nice layout <3

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thank uuu :3

by vomitgirl; ; Report

Kirs Vantas

Kirs Vantas's profile picture

HAIIIII i LOVE ur layout and website!!! personal webpages ftw :3 !!!!

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oh thank uuu !!!!!!!! :3

by vomitgirl; ; Report


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found ur spacehey from ur neocities page i was like woah lol. sick layouts all around!

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oh thanks !!!!!!!! :3

by vomitgirl; ; Report


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ty 4 the add !! i thought i was the only transfem on here lol

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ur welcomee !! lkdjfk and nope :3

by vomitgirl; ; Report


𝓖𝓞𝓣3𝓘𝓒's profile picture

hola thank you so much for the add back i love your aesthetic and like ahhhhhh

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thank uuu !!!!!! :3

by vomitgirl; ; Report

your welcome aahhh bhbidhfihrnhvkj

by 𝓖𝓞𝓣3𝓘𝓒; ; Report


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hello! thanks for adding me, your profile is cool :)

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o thank uuu !!

by vomitgirl; ; Report

Hatsune Miku

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Thanks 4 the add ur page is soooo adorbz wtf

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kdjfs thank uuu !! :3

by vomitgirl; ; Report


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thanks for the add! your profile has such good vibes i love ittt

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thank uuu !!

by vomitgirl; ; Report


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thank you so much for the add!! x3 you seem super cool! 💖💖💖

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