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Object Shows, Code Lyoko, art [both history and as a hobby], and technology including coding, neural networks and algorithms, and general computer shit.[not to say i'm any good at any of these LOL]


Bulldog Eyes, Devi McCallion, Everything Everything, They Might Be Giants, etc.


Western: OBJECT SHOWS!! [BFDI, II, HFJONE, etc.], CODE LYOKO!!, MLP, Adventure Time, Homestar Runner, WordGirl, Total Drama

Anime: Kaiba, Evangelion, Lain, Doraemon, Cat Soup, lucky star, ummm I know ive watched more im just foggy rn

Movies [I don't rlly watch movies ngl]: Last Unicorn, Unico, and Ringing Bell, Perfect Blue


Pokemon, Yume Nikki, Parappa The Rapper, Rhythm Heaven, Animal Crossing, shit shovelware games, Bomberman, Miitopia, idk man, I ain't a gamer.


Art, Researching, World Building, Character Design, cooking, crochet, organizing...?


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About me:



Discord recently forced its users to stop mooching off its free unlimited storage, including me! So that means a LOT of the images here are broken. I'm in the process of fixing it, sorry!

This account may be eyestrain-y! be warned!

if you are under 15, i won't accept your friend request, sorry!
and no, you won't be the exception X/

DNIs are not replacements for actually setting boundaries! please read my account before sending a friend request, cus i sure read yours... Don't waste my time, thanks!

Mobile friendly config is in the works, sorry! Also a lot is still a work in progress, patience...

OK Back Home
CURRENTLY PLAYING: The Golden Spiral by Dr. Massive and the Headwound Extravaganza. || Listen 2 Devi / Blacksquares

⚠️ CAUTION! ⚠️

for the sake of your own internet enjoyment and honestly mine, u probably shouldn't bother sending friend requests if you are an omori fan, a big South Park fan, heavily into proship/antiship drama, use schizophrenia as an aesthetic, or use labels like "IRL" or "Delusional Attachment". You can ask to friend via IMs if u rlly wanna tho, its not like a Hard Ban or w/e.

Hi! I'm aelita [or uni], im looking 2 make real close friends on here and also finding new strange and interesting media to document and enjoy! I'm really into the internet archeology and history as a whole, but especially more obscure subcultures and fandoms.

I'm a big object show fan, but i skew towards the older discord OSC, instead of being bfdi/ii/hfjone fandom orientated. I also really like Code Lyoko and fictional computers.

I don't care if we don't share interests or w/e as long as you're in a weird micro community or smth or ur just cool in general I think we can get along.


Current Short Term Interests
Outfit design
Wikipedia/ Wikis
Making music
My boy
Stamps++ [CURRENTLY BEING FIXED!] you decide which ones are ironic
Hey, what you just said there. Yes, I totally agree with that opinion on soooo many levels and I respect your opinion very much! I could give you a cookie if I had one but I ate them all. You really don't know how much I agree with you on this but I respect your opinion very much. You are too cool! I think you're too cool? I mean, I wont say you're cool just because of an opinion, but seriously, you're pretty cool.

Anyways, I agree with your
opinion on this, I absolutely do!
So yeah!

TL;DR I accept your opinion, User!

Who I'd like to meet:


i dont actually have anyone listed yet im too shy LOL


Mobile friendly version is currently under construction,

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Sweet P

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idk if I commented already but thanks for the add <33 profile is so so cool! im watchin ringing bell rn bc im looking through peoplez interests rn n im bored lol- and it is a very cute movie!

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Thxxx! also ringing bell is rlly good! its a little dark 4 a little kids movie tho LOL.

by ghoztROM; ; Report


by Sweet P; ; Report

YEA , i had to double check the age rating when i saw the ending LOL

by ghoztROM; ; Report


zxj's profile picture

ur profile is so clean and cool im jealous

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THXX ur profile is cool 2!

by ghoztROM; ; Report


AriaStarz's profile picture


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THXXX ur profile is rlly cute too!!

by ghoztROM; ; Report


ELISSA ^_^'s profile picture


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THX!!!! Urs is cute 2!!

by ghoztROM; ; Report


Jury's profile picture

tk 4 the add <3

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sarah ♡

sarah ♡'s profile picture

thanks for the add, love your page !

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Hi! Ur page is rlly cool too! Thx for adding!

by ghoztROM; ; Report


Heather's profile picture

Hii!! Thanks for adding me! You seem super cool and I really liked your account! (also can someone with stamps on their profile pls explain how to use them im vv confused)

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Hi & THXs, u seem cool too! also to add stamps and blinkies etc etc use this code: and that should do it :)

by ghoztROM; ; Report

damn it srry it deleted the code in the comment LOL oops

by ghoztROM; ; Report
try this link, srry!

by ghoztROM; ; Report

Thank you!! I fail miserably using this website sometimes XD, I hope we get to interact with more, your really nice!!

by Heather; ; Report

NP! html/css can be a steep learning curve LOL. I hope we get 2 int more too!

by ghoztROM; ; Report


Ethan/Dee's profile picture

ty for the FRQ!! your profile looks so cool! you have a great aesthetic going on!
i also love computer stuff while also being shit at it lol

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THX!! computers r so fucked ill be an expert at it eventually [lie]

by ghoztROM; ; Report


LuXLove 's profile picture

Yay! Fellow Code Lyoko fan!! ☆彡

Have you played IFSCL? It’s really good!

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HII! i honestly did not expect any other CL fans on this site! Also ive heard of it but never got the chance 2 play, ig this is a sign i should try it out this week! ^^

by ghoztROM; ; Report


I will warn you it’s has a !!!HUGE!!! learning curve. It took me a few hours to figure out. If you need help just message me on discord and I’ll give you some help.

It’s also still being updated! It’s been in development for 12 years if you can believe it. The dev is working on adding things like the Kolossus, the Replikas etc. Basically when it’s finished it should have everything that was in the show in the game.

It also has both the English and French voice actor for Jeremie, Aelita and Frank Hopper. Like, it is THE MOST PERFECT FAN GAME IMAGINABLE AHEHISHSOAHAJSH

by LuXLove; ; Report

DAMN. They even got the voice actors?? This game seems like a lot of fun, the supercomputer was always my main interest and its awesome 2 see theres a game with a heavy focus on it. cant wait 2 try it .

by ghoztROM; ; Report

Yeah, surprisingly moonscoops been okay with the whole thing since the game is available for free.

The dev wanted to get the other voice actors as well but it was too expensive

Also some of the background music in the show has been redone for the game! I just love it so much. The Code Lyoko community is so wonderful for such an obscure show ⋆˙⟡♡

by LuXLove; ; Report

Wacky Alex

Wacky Alex's profile picture


If you like wacky music, give our channel a try.

We're playing the wackiest mix ever! Check it out!

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MiCKY !! ♡ ⋆。˚

MiCKY !! ♡ ⋆。˚'s profile picture

pointing at ur louis wain pfp (i love louis wain) thx 4 accepting my req you seem really cool!!

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THX! u seem rlly cool too! louis wain is one of my favorite artists LOL

by ghoztROM; ; Report


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test comment

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another test comment

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