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""You were born dead and so was I""

Dead Ghost||He/it||Adult

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DRUGS /j, Anime/Manga, History (WW2/Alamo), Working out/Running, Animals, Carrd Making, Music, Sanrio, Quadrobics, Greek/Roman Mythology, Agere/Little Space, Agere Books <3, Art/Drawing, Writing, Pinterest, Spotify, Gender/pronoun hoarding, Rocks/Crystals, Baking/Cooking, Cartoons, Sanrio, Stuffed animals, Stickers, Horror Movies, Bugs, Cats, Empty/ Abandoned buildings, Stars/Planets/Space, Sea life (I LOVE JELLYFISH!!<3), Being on highways, Thrift shops/Estate sale


𓉸BANDS/ARTISTS𓉸 nirvana/kurt cobain, red hot chili pepper, slipknot, the smashing pumpkins, icp, metallica, nine inch nails, penelope scott, tv girl, tally hall, type o negative, ptv, foo fighters, green day, jukebox the ghost, weezer, pixies, will wood, glass animals, the offspring, mcr, slayer, flyleaf, rob zombie, alice in chains, korn, marilyn manson, my bloody valentine, the smiths, the white stripes, tool, girl in red, jack stauber, rare americans, rio romeo, mother mother, mitski, sublime, they might be giants, alec benjamin, days n daze, melanie martinez, metric, good kid, fall out boy, harley poe, megadeath, the romantics, the cure, jack conte, sub urban, cigarettes after s*x, daft punk, eminem, blink-182, deftones, depeche mode, food house, lil darkie, cavetown, cosmo sheldrake, sushi soucy, alex g, fish in a birdcage, lemon demon, the oozes, the front bottoms, vundabar, tom lehrer, sodikken


𓉸MOVIES𓉸 trolls (all 3), chucky, any horror/slashers, hamilton, the minions franchise, madea, IT (1 & 2), the purge series, annabelle, texas chainsaw massacre, spiderman/spiderverse franchise, meg (1/2), a classic horror story, coraline, the nightmare before christmas, edward scissorhands (any tim burton stuff tbh), corpse bride, hotel transylvania, truth or dare, sharknado, studio ghibli, scooby doo (all of em), jigsaw, war movies, the outsiders


𓉸SHOWS𓉸 random tv shows, mlp, blueyy, southpark, invader zim, shameless, chucky series, young sheldon, heartstopper, american horror story, moral orel, big mouth, one day at a time, the walking dead, in the dark, the big bang theory, boondocks, bobs burgers, why women kill, hazbin hotel, helluva boss, tadc, the button, jacksepticeye, markiplier, sodikken, tomska, asdfmovie, eddsworld, inside job, hunter × hunter, american horror story, chainsaw man, rocko's modern life, he-man, the marvelous misadventures of flapjack, hanna-barbera cartoon series, ren & stimpy, looney tunes, courage the cowardly dog, thundercats, the pink panther show, 1930's mickey mouse, drawn together, stranger things, money heist, tear along the dotted line/this world can't tear me down, popee the performer, my hero academia, death note, monster, attack on titan, steven universe, adventure time.



My partner, they have been through so much and they are still so sweet and trusting. I love how strong they are and how kind they are. They are truly a wonderful person and my hero. DO NOT TELL THEY I SAID THAT /J ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My kid CJ. He's not my actual kid but I love him to life /p. I've been a father figure to him for like 5 or 6 kid and he's the sweetest and I know his mom SHE IS THE WORST!! so I'm just happy to be a good dad bro to him. And from what he told me about he's boyfriend they're also cool so I hope they both have a long and healthy relationship. <3 /p

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About me:

Do you feel like a brand new person? I'm Grim. The ghost who rips out your organs when you sleep. I'm not as evil as you think and I love to meet new people I do bite though and I may or may not have rabies /hj. Anyways I'm 19 so a baby adult (dni if under 14). I'm Demiagender + Xenogenders I also use Neopronouns but my main ones are He/Ze/It + Ghost/Rot/Reaper/Bite. I'm an Age regressor and caregiver, I'm not looking for a little but if you need a babysitter I got you(unless you're under 14). Errrmmmm I have a lovely partner named Noodlez I love them lots and they're my little. Anyways MESSAGE ME I love meeting new people with the same interests.

Who I'd like to meet:

IDRC who I meet as long as you're nice. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DNI!!: Under 14, Pedo/Creep, Exclusionist ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Triggers: Yelling, Loud noises, Sirens, Venting w/o permission, R@pe, SA, Descriptive g0re (basically just heavily describing it), Mentions of weight, Brutal animal death/abuse

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nutty profile. i like it.

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