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⛧ ANIME/MANGA ⛧ madoka magica, serial experiments lain, re:zero, chainsaw man, berserk ⛧ GAMES ⛧ overwatch, arknights, genshin impact, honkai impact 3rd, honkai star rail, cookie run, doki doki literature club, needy streamer overload, hyperdimension neptunia, lobotomy corporation, limbus company, muse dash, osu, slime rancher, you and me and her, splatoon, devil may cry, nekopara ⛧ MISC ⛧ foxes, jellyfish, ghosts, character creation, xenogenders, pixel art, wildlife, vocaloid & anime figures :)


⛧ TYPES ⛧ japanese hardcore, happy hardcore, edm, denpa kei, kawaii future bass, gabber, frenchcore, speedcore, breakcore, chiptune digital hardcore; classic rock, psychedelic rock ⛧ ARTISTS ⛧ mindless self indulgence, t+pazolite, S3RL, hardcore tano*c, moe shop, p*light, usao, laur, team grimiore, reol, masa works design, nanahira, etc etc




L'Étranger by Albert Camus


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About me:

👻 GHOSTFOX ⛧ 18+ ⛧ he/she 👻

just a plural guy. many mental illnesses; banned from most public venues. not good at making friends, so i'm mostly a lurker. feel free to request!
PS, i might steal stamps from your profile. i love them! O(∩_∩)O
purple stamp with light-up stars animated stamp of patchouli from touhou stamp of multiple pink-colored game consoles and electronics stamp gif of remillia scarlet animated stamp of madoka kaname running animated stamp of puella magi madoka magica animated stamp of madoka kaname madokami animated stamp madokami stamp animated stamp reading 'magical girls' animated stamp of tennis shoes with wings on the side madokami animated stamp animated stamp of sylveon animated stamp of sylveon which has the text 'sylveon' animated stamp of sylveon animated stamp of sylveon animated stamp of lain stamp of callie and marie from splatoon stamp of lain from serial experiments lain animated stamp of shiny mew animated stamp reading 'neko fan' animated stamp of ichigo momomiya animated stamp of catgirl ears animated stamp of drop pop candy stamp reading xingchen fan with an image of xingchen from vocaloid stamp of hatsune miku stamp of ia from vocaloid animated stamp of gir from invader zim which says 'waffles' stamp of super sonico invader zim stamp gif stamp of an anime girl who might be kanna kamui stamp gif of jirachi animated stamp of jirachi from pokemon animated stamp of jirachi from pokemon animated stamp of jirachi from pokemon stamp of purple heart from hyperdimension neptunia stamp of a blue, purple, and pink sky animated stamp of purple and blue, reading 'pantone 2562 c stardust stamp of mikoto meika animated stamp of hatsune miku stamp with a rainbow-colored kaomoji animated stamp which reads 'i love music' animated stamp of blue-luminated moon jellies stamp that reads allister fan stamp of natsuki from ddlc stamp with a photo of bridget from guilty gear which reads 'bridget' stamp of an anime figure with pink hair and blue eyes stamp of umbreon with the name umbreon on it stamp with vulpix on it reading 'vulpix fan' stamp of yamper stamp of delcatty and skitty animated stamp of an anime girl with heart eyes gif stamp of the my little pony main characters cuddling animated stamp which reads 'i love my boyfriend' stamp of kyubey from madoka magica stamp of madokami animated stamp of kangel stamp of stars stamp of stars animated stamp of teto kasane stamp of mimikyu animated gif of the madoka magica characters animated gif of gumi

Who I'd like to meet:

i'd like to be friends with anyone who shares common interests with me! especially overwatch, madoka magica, berserk, limbus company, needy streamer, mindless self indulgence, and/or hyperdimension neptunia

if you spread hate or exclusionism in any way, i'd prefer not to be friends, thanks!

mafumafu animation sticker

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eats your stamps

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eats your stamps

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