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"currently re-reading 'the sea,' by john banville"

18. he/she. korean. bigender. catholic.

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i'm an avid enjoyer of many things but am currently interested in games such as rusty lake, we happy few, i have no mouth and i must scream, hylics, disco elysium, fear and hunger, 8:11, jazzpunk, resident evil, cry of fear, yakuza, half-life, tf2, (all) chilla's art / puppet combo games, and others in these similar grapevines. i also like world-building args like the mystery flesh pit national park, vita carnis, and local 58. i read frequently, draw on the occasion, am a personal tutor, and (despite not showcasing as such on this profile) love the color pink.


andrew bird. black country, new road. marika hackman. dirty projectors. ethel cain. flotation toy warning. red hot chili peppers. grandaddy. fat white family. iron & wine. m, ward. mountain man. maps & atlases. great lake swimmers. kevin morby. (...)


i'm a big horror movie fan. but in general my current favs are the wailing, the grand budapest hotel, 2001's space odyssey, kairo, minari, &. everything everywhere all at once.


can't really think of any right now but i'm rewatching dorohedoro, arcane, and nbc's hannibal between study breaks......


every book by john banville and franz kafka. "confessions of a flesh-eater," by david madsen. "sex, death, and fly-fishing," by john gierach. "erotism," by georges bataille. "the vegetarian," by han kang. "a lover's discourse," by roland barthes. "men, women, and chainsaws," by carol j. clover. "tender is the flesh," by agustina bazterrica. "phantom," by susan kay. "the club dumas," by perez-reverte. "commonwealth," by ann patchett. "good for nothing," by brandon graham. "i have no mouth and i must scream," by harlan ellison. "magnificent obsession," by lloyd c. douglas. "half-light collected poems," by frank bidart. "sous chef," by michael gibney. "hannibal lecter and philosophy: the heart of the matter," by various. "the woman in white," by wilkie collins. "the last days of judas iscariot," by stephen adly guirgis. "possession," by a.s. byatt. "fearful symmetry," by northrop fry. "the physiology of taste," by jean anthelme brillat-savarin. "the portrait of a lady," by henry james. and many more.


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About me:

"it is true that those we meet can change us, sometimes so profoundly that we are not the same afterwards, even unto our names (...)"


a practicing catholic currently studying for a phd in biology, with a concentration in anatomy (working towards a minor in entomology + theology). lover of all things haunted, grotesque, and beautiful. will frequently talk about (aforementioned) religious imagery and gender within operas, literature, and art. basic dni criteria apply.

(my goromi sideblog + extra info found here.)

Who I'd like to meet:

[ID:] "letters to milena," by franz kafka. / "the butcher's counter," by francisco jose de goya.

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saroyan °

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literally viktor from arcane.......................??
would LOVE to talk to you abt kafka!!!!!!!!! :^O my favorite of his works are his diaries!!
my favorite quote that i hope you will like as well:

"I am descended from my parents, am linked to them and my sisters by blood, am sensible of it (...) Sometimes this bond of blood too is the target of my hatred; the sight of the double bed at home, the used sheets, the nightshirts carefully laid out, can exasperate me to the point of nausea, can turn me inside out; it is as if I had not been definitively born, were continually born anew into the world out of the stale life in that stale room, had constantly to seek confirmation of myself there, (...) it clogs my feet which want to run, they are still stuck fast in the original shapeless pulp. That is how it sometimes is." - OCTOBER 18th, 1916

that being said................................. HOW ARE YOU DOING!!! i hope you're having a great week. text me anytime i would love to talk!

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skyler.'s profile picture

best profile ive seen on here tysm for the add

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WAHHH??? You are so incredibly sweet, thank you!! ^_^

by ash / erik †; ; Report's profile picture

THANK U FOR THE ADD BACK!! This is my first time seeing another fan of jazzpunk and rusty lake....


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Of course! (And!!!! Please talk to me about either or! I've been dying to discuss both of their absolutely absurd nuances for forever now!!!!)

+ I love yours as well!! :)

by ash / erik †; ; Report


FOSSILTEETH εŒ–ηŸ³ζ­―'s profile picture

oh man, your profile is so beautiful!!


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WAHHH that is such an honor coming from you!! your profile is absolutely immaculate!

(hehe.... goromi <3<3<3)

by ash / erik †; ; Report

katherine Λ– ΰ£ͺβ­‘

katherine Λ– ΰ£ͺβ­‘'s profile picture

thank you for the add !! I love your profile β€Žβ™‘

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it's np at all! ( + i love your profile more!!! you have excellent tastes! )

by ash / erik †; ; Report


by katherine Λ– ΰ£ͺβ­‘; ; Report


bigbabysweets's profile picture

thx 4 the add u have such sick taste in everything man

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it's np!!! i love your page as well!!!!

by ash / erik †; ; Report


lem.iso's profile picture

you have exquisite taste. who do you main on tf2?

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thank you so much!!!! and i typically main sniper or medic, though the last time i played i was trying my hand at spy ^_^ (it did not go well)

by ash / erik †; ; Report

based, me too! but i am ashamed to still have pyro as my most played. being a troll phlog abuser is just too fun sometimes

by lem.iso; ; Report

nothing to be ashamed of! being a downright asshole as pyro is always a good time, haha!

by ash / erik †; ; Report


EVAN's profile picture


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THANK YOU!!! i love your account as well ^_^

by ash / erik †; ; Report


saint's profile picture

hello,, i absolutely adore your page. it's lovely to see someone with similar interests who also practices catholicism.

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hello! the feeling is quite mutual, haha! i actually follow you over on my goromi account and couldn't help but do the same over here as well! i also love your account btw.... fear and hunger is one of my all-time fav games ^^

by ash / erik †; ; Report