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"young, arrogant, and hate everything you stand for"

17 he/ne USA queer disabled autist

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(vintage, mainly) synthesizers, metal gear solid, cassette decks and tape recorders, music, audio gear, audio engineering, sound design, synthesis engineering, collection physical mediums of music, wooden baskets, physical mediums of video media (VHS, VHD, betamax, etc), old TVs/radios/CRTs, old nuclear/telecommunications test equipment, religion, languages, cinnamoroll


machine girl, sweet trip, aphex twin, the brave little abacus, cuushe, kidkanevil, daisuke tanabe, kai whiston, asian glow, madeon, mf doom, ♥ gojii ♥, iglooghost, sophie, tyler, the creator, babii, bon iver, five star hotel, chief keef, boris, john coltrane, candy claws, bye2, merzbow, windowshopping, ramleh, jeff rosenstock, la peste, ハナタラシ [hanatarash], vertigoaway, virtual self, anamanaguchi, kendrick lamar, nanoray, baby keem, snail's house, weatherday, 파란노을 [parannoul], porter robinson, björk, dreamcrusher, underscores, purity://filter, 2814, american football, captain beefheart & the magic band, 5ubaruu, /f, rainsdeaf, chinese football, moe shop, 猫 シ corp. [cat system corp.], casper mcfadden, natural snow buildings, lil kevo 303, death's dynamic shroud, ecco2k, jai paul, death grips, toe, sora, charli xcx, in love with a ghost, george clanton, earl sweatshirt, boards of canada, venetian snares, material girl, oneohtrix point never, kero kero bonito, james ferraro, duster, m-beat, san holo, lovesliescrushing, duskus, the prodigy, strfkr, submerse, kobaryo, hella, cocteau twins, m1dy, xiu xiu, lustsickpuppy, swans, squarepusher, jpegmafia, melt-banana, stereolab, john cage, hermann nitsch, childish gambino, black kray, dj paypal, former hero, benoît pioulard, yabujin, aspidistrafly, pasocom music club, sales, the world is a beautiful place and i am no longer afraid to die, j dilla, potsu, (and a lot more not listed)


ginger snaps


serial experiments lain, haibane renmei, niea_7, mob psycho 100, neon genesis evangelion, regular show


hiers to the forgotten kingdoms: journeys into the disappearing religions of the middle east


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About me:

my name is milo. i'm 17. my pronouns and he/him and ne/nim. i am queer and transgender, and i started HRT in october of 2019. i am physically disabled and autistic. i make lots of things. i speak english, brazilian portuguese, and intermediate mandarin chinese. i am religiously fluid and i write a lot about human morality and the conscious mind. i don't tolerate bigots or any kind of under-the-radar fascism.

i make music as "GEMINI WORKSHOPS", my most popular alias under that umbrella being "transgender lain clones". i create illustrations, shirts, cassettes, CDs, synthesizers, freaky tape players, and a lot more. if you like my content, feel free to go to my bandcamp and download/buy some stuff! PM me or email me for free downloads at:

DISCLAIMER: i will probably not add you if we don't share interests, if you're relatively younger than me (under 16 or so) or you share a name with me. do not be weird on my profile. if you're under 15 or so, don't IM me; i don't feel comfortable with talking to someone a lot younger than me. sorry and thx!

Who I'd like to meet:

The Junglist Massive

SEL vhs tapes

machine girl/five star hotel split album cassette tape

haibane renmei VHS tape scan

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