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EDM Producing, vidya gaming and reading/writing


King Gizzard, 100 gecs, EDM (Click on the music player on the bottom left of my profile to hear one of my favorite songs.)






Warlocks and Priests


Two cats and a dog

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About me:

22 year old gamer lizard that's blogging about his life on the internet. Check out my blog here to see pics and updates on my wacky lizard life.

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Other interesting people to talk with.

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Perty The Virtual Musician

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💕 💞

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Matthew Cobalt

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Man, does it depress me that most of the people I have on my friends list have not used this their profiles for a month or more. I mean, I get that's the whole appeal of site but the fact that plenty are becoming inactive for longer and longer is unnerving.

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Came back online to see who's still kicking and, yup, still haven't come back...

Well, at least I managed to get a peak at what you usually do when active.

by Matthew Cobalt; ; Report

Perty The Virtual Musician

Perty The Virtual Musicia...'s profile picture

💖 ✨

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kody≧◡≦'s profile picture

thx 4 the add!

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kody≧◡≦'s profile picture

thx 4 the add!

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Psychedelic's profile picture

thanks 4 the add ^_^

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lawyerlarge's profile picture

Thx for the add

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Xenon Chameleon

Xenon Chameleon's profile picture

Thanks for the add. Love your avatar.

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also, where did you get your banner at the top? I've been looking for a good gif to put in that section of my profile.

by Xenon Chameleon; ; Report

I actually used this layout ( and changed up the gifs that came with it by using the website and then hosting the gifs I made on Discord. It's actually pretty easy, and that's coming from someone who doesn't really know how HTML works. If you have any questions on how to change stuff up let me know and I'd be happy to help.

by Alizandar; ; Report


Middleman's profile picture

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard fan? You're freaking cool. What's your favorite album by them? Mine is Nonagon Infinity.

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Damn it's pretty hard to choose, I like their psychedelic rock sound in general and I really liked their album Float Along when I first heard it. I'm also a fan of Tame Impala's earlier work as well, like Lonerism. I talk about music in my latest blog post if you want to check it out, I go to an album shop and show off some albums I love lmao

by Alizandar; ; Report


Dr_0wl's profile picture

Fellow KGTLW enjoyer! Thanks for the add, love your page!

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Thanks, I think we have the same layout but I changed the colors up and I also changed some of the background gifs too, if you want help changing up how your profile looks let me know

by Alizandar; ; Report

I'm content with it so far but thanks for the offer

by Dr_0wl; ; Report


zombiezz's profile picture

thanks 4 the add! awesome profile, nice to meet ya!

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Glitter Heart

Glitter Heart's profile picture

Cool page! I love all the futuristic green! Thanks for adding me! 💚🍀🍀✨

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the sound wobbly paper makes

the sound wobbly paper ma...'s profile picture

⭐Thanks so much for the add!⭐

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ye ye ye thanks too, your profile is pretty cool

by Alizandar; ; Report


undeadbedhead's profile picture

Okay but I *neeed* to know- how change the default header text in the interests table etc?? I can't figure it out ;3;

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I'm actually not sure how it's done, but it came with this layout here. You should check out the code and see if any of it makes sense to you

by Alizandar; ; Report

Lycan / Jay

Lycan / Jay 's profile picture

thanks for adding me :D dm me if u ever wanna talk

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The Bossfyratu HQ🦇

The Bossfyratu HQ🦇's profile picture

Ey, thanks for adding me! I was still messing with my profile last night, but even then it was super cool to see a friend request so soon, and one of my first! ^^

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IcyTea's profile picture

Thank you for adding me. How's your time on SpaceHey?

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I'm having a nice time on here, how are you?

by Alizandar; ; Report

I'm doing alright, working on essays.

by IcyTea ; ; Report