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"SO READY for fall."

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this is the stuff i'm currently REALLY INTO ...


birds/parrots, steven universe, harlan ellison, mental health recovery, werewolf and vampire dynamics, thrifting, sewing, collage, radio tv solutions, jerma, animation as an art + industry


here's some of the music i like most!


AJJ (NOT AJR), emperor X, WHOKILLEDXIX, they might be giants, jazz emu, of montreal, ABBA, the mountain goats, the scary jokes, the taxpayers, the magnetic fields, CAKE, will wood, tally hall and jack stauber


this is PURELY fun i do not take this seriously at all


steven (SU), peridot (SU), tim stoker (TMA), gerard keay (TMA), peter (hereditary), jupiter (WKTD), rainer (petscop), more?

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About me:

hello i am funnybone and i am a Normal Guy. i like when you see a little frog on a leaf or a bee in a flower or a cat sitting in a nice sunny spot and you're like damn man, that's just where you're supposed to be. i'm from the USA!

i love coding little webpages in CSS, but i never really had an outlet for it after neopets, tumblr and myspace93 died so here i am! i will probably talk about my funny little life and my funny little hobbies here and not much else

someday, i might post art or music that i make! i like to animate, paint, make little crafts, sew, embroider ... i play guitar, ukulele, and i own a keyboard and an omnichord that i can make noise with. there's a difference there T_T i'm currently recovering from some mental health stuff, so i might also post progress updates or big achievements as little blog posts, just for me to look back on later :)

So Ya ... that's me !!!

It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed!

more personality stuff down here!

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What Neopet Are You?Which Bootleg Sailor Moon Alarm Clock Are You?

I'm the limerick, mired in muck.
I refuse to be bored or get stuck.
   I like to offend,
   But not, in the end,
As much as to thwart expectations.

Who I'd like to meet:

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gross.ella's profile picture

hiii!! thankyou for adding me <3 your profile is so so so cool aaaaa i love it!!!!

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nataliee :3

nataliee :3's profile picture

oh this is the coziest profile i've ever visited...omg i love it here :D

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TYSM ... welcome to the cozy zone >:)

by funnybone; ; Report

HEHEHE YAAAAY i love it !!! :DD

by nataliee :3; ; Report

nataliee :3

nataliee :3's profile picture

oh this is the coziest profile i've ever visited...omg i love it here :D

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Ares <3

Ares <3's profile picture

ur profile is sickkk !!!!

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hey thanks !!! :) ty for the add friend!

by funnybone; ; Report


♪ COSMO/OREL ♪'s profile picture

tysm 4 the add!

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Tyler 's profile picture


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TYSM ... your theme is also Very Cool it gives silent hill vibes >:) but in like. a pleasant way not an existentially dreadful way LOL

by funnybone; ; Report


Shermy 's profile picture

hello... um.. your page is really comforting. it's full of nature, too. you seem like a nice guy....

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thank you !!! :) i try my very best! and i'm glad u said that, that's totally the vibe i had in mind when i started coding it ;w;

by funnybone; ; Report


Wubzilla's profile picture

I like your page!

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thanks friend !!! i like yours too, the scrolling pix are neat!

by funnybone; ; Report


haku's profile picture

hey :3

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howdy pardner B) i looove your profile !!!

by funnybone; ; Report

╰┈➤ 𝑗 𝑢 𝑛 𝑜

╰┈➤ 𝑗 𝑢 𝑛 𝑜 's profile picture

WAGHH ur profile is so silly :3cc i love it

the peridot and gerard keay kin combo is so real :9

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why thank you !!! i'm something of a silly guy myself tbh until you pointed it out i don't think i even realized there were parallels between the two of them omg

by funnybone; ; Report


Emil's profile picture

hey your profile is absolutely cool! one of the best i've seen here in spacehey!! also kin peter graham is so real

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OMG THANK YOU !!! i had a lot of fun with it >:) also i watched that movie like 13 times in one week over quarantine and i was like ... "this has a happy ending. this is a comforting film. i will not elaborate" lmaooo

by funnybone; ; Report