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  • 🐯animals / zoology
  • 📀animash & AMVs
  • 🎞animation / cartoons
  • 🧬anthropomorphism
  • 🖍coloring books
  • 🐾furry fandom history
  • 💨inflatable toys
  • 🐈Louis Wain
  • 🎨visual art
  • 🌐web 1.0
  • 🦕paleontology & evolution
  • 🏳️‍🌈queer / gay / trans history


  • ⚫️101 dalmatian street
  • 🦋Animal Jam
  • 🎡bob’s burgers
  • 🥦count duckula
  • 🧨dan vs
  • 🦆disney duck comics / media
  • 💰ducktales 2017
  • 👣H3 podcast
  • 🐩housebroken
  • 🧡🐿️kiff
  • 🛍littlest pet shop 2012
  • 🦄MLP:FIM
  • ☀️ phineas & ferb
  • 🐺🐍 the bad guys
  • 🦆🐓🦜the three caballeros
  • 🐺wolfwalkers


  • 🎵100 gecs
  • 🎸blood girl
  • 🎧black dresses
  • 💿coco & clair clair
  • 🎶devi mccallion
  • 🎹drew monson
  • 🎵food house
  • 🎸fraxiom
  • 🎧laura les / osno1
  • 💿of montreal
  • 🎶sweet joey vermouth
  • 🎹tally hall
  • 🎵the scary jokes
  • 🎸toxic lipstick
  • 🎧underscores



♥ Henri ♥

AKA: stinky, bastard, flabby tabby, baby boy.

♥ Maggie ♥

AKA: Mags, Maggers, Maggielicious Definition, Gluteus Maggimus, Toe Queen etc.



⭑ platypus ⭑

( species )

⭑ chiroptera ⭑

AKA bats ( order )

⭑ pteropodidae ⭑

AKA megabats ( family )

⭑ anatidae ⭑

ducks, geese, swans ( family )

⭑ madarin duck ⭑

( species )

⭑ sula ⭑

AKA boobies ( genus )


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Ducky's Blurbs

About me:


weird furry + kid at heart

I never had a myspace or really used a site like this before now, but i am interested in early-2000s internet spaces, HTML, and decentralizing social media. I've had a lot of fun here so far ^_^

I like to draw!! I mostly funny anthro creatures & post my art under the handle "duckcritter" on tumblr, deviantArt, furaffinity, cohost, and ✎

STAMPS!! ( flashing warning )

color freak hippie at heart l-o-v-e colorful paws i support crayola crayons crayons i love the smell of crayons anti- seizure inducing stamps proud mustelid fan kandi the scary jokes (band) LOLcats own my soul ADHD of Montreal (band) i love orange smiley faces orange fur genderless Phineas and Ferb Ducktales 2017 i'm bad at explaining things. Count Duckula i love my bed! Wack! (neon, comic book style art) kid at heart louis wain flower-eyes cat we've all got a platypus controlling us! 20% cooler furry have a nice day Animal Jam 80s pattern i draw a shit i'm a 2000's kid i support nice people. i support Neocities. i love lick icons. i love cats! furry unity flag platypus enthusiast. i love mandarin ducks. i love fruit bats. pansexual flag. be kind to trans folk. i like 'bad' art. fireAlpaca user. i support striped tails!

credits: (deviantArt usernames) byowt1125, deviantstamps, alexauchiha, forsaken-starlette, girl-just-let-go-200, glittersludge, mathyrawr, roseofthenight4444, stenellya, witch13888, i-psofacto, mr-stamp, [WIP]

Who I'd like to meet:

Any kind peeps, but particularly: Furries / anthro media enjoyers, leftists, nature / animal lovers, adults with "kiddish" interests, or regressors / littles etc. =)

Please note:

  • I will decline your request if:
    • Your account is private
    • You ask adults to not interact (I AM IN MY 20s!!!)
    • You endorse or participate in harassment or discrimination
    • Profile is Extremely flashy / eye straining with no warnings ( not hating on the aesthetic, but this is a risk to photosensitive people ! )
    • I may also not accept blank accounts, roleplay accounts, or for other not listed reasons. It's not meant personally tho!

  • DNI if you’re strongly anti-kink, because I don't care about discourse over that sort of thing, as long as it's all kept between consenting adults!! I'm sex-positive and pro-choice.

  • I apologize if i try to add you after already being declined; this may happen simply because i'm forgetful >.>

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Cyadical's profile picture

Oh my goodness I’m absolutely adoring the animal jam themed layout you have right now! Also your icon is absolutely precious!

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Thank you Xavier!! ^_^

by Ducky; ; Report


alienoforces's profile picture

hello!!! tysm for the add! i love your profile and your sona is so cool! :D

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awww thank You!!! ;3;

i saw your icon and was like it's Friend Request Time immediately.
it + your layout are very cute! digging the vibe

by Ducky; ; Report


Chimera's profile picture

Thanks for accepting my request! I adore your page and ur sona + u seem chill :]

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awe thank you !

by Ducky; ; Report


xXKAIJU-INUXx's profile picture

OMG HEY i didn't know you were on here... or maybe i did and i forgot i have a bad memory. Haiii hiiii i think its nice we have followed eachother on so many places. Ur very kind and im glad to see u

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Aw hi !! this comment is very sweet aa h. thank you 💛

it is nice to see a familiar face here, and, btw, your recent pool toy art is very cute ^u^

by Ducky; ; Report

gaz ☆

gaz ☆'s profile picture

thanks for the add, love your layout! very nice!!

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of course ; always cool to see another louis wain enjoyer 🌈🌺💟

& thanks sm! the background is a painting by Richard Paul Lohse :•)

by Ducky; ; Report


Mr.feelgood's profile picture

WOAHHH!!! how did YOU end up in the CIRCUS!!!???

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i have been known to clown around !

by Ducky; ; Report


CARTOONGORE's profile picture


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howdy 🔆!

by Ducky; ; Report


Cyadical's profile picture

So cool seeing you still online here! I was showing my roommate your account and they love your ducky sona! (He loves phineas and ferb) I thought I was following your art account on tumblr, but I guess I wasn’t! I fixed that though :)

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aw, thank ya for the comment ! and tell your roommate i said thanks as well ^.^!!

i love PnF too; i was Veeery obsessed when i was 11-12, and it's something with a special place in my heart.

btw, i noticed the updates you've made to your page, nd it looks so cool ☆!

by Ducky; ; Report

I like the show, but not as much as my roommate! It ties into his interest a lot as is so I see why he likes it so much!

And thanks! I decided to update it to match with my current carrd since they both got updated design wise recently!

by Cyadical; ; Report

Wacky Alex

Wacky Alex's profile picture


If you like wacky music, give our channel a try.

We're playing the wackiest mix ever! Check it out!

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Panda♥♡ 's profile picture

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* THX 4 *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* THE ADD *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
ʕ •ᴥ•ʔゝ☆

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NO PROB Panda ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ ~☆!

by Ducky; ; Report