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"y0u were @lw@ys w@tch1ng s0uth park :["

17. he/they ;]

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MAINLY FNAF, BatIM/BatDR, DSaF, Project Sekai, Project Diva games, The Stanley Parable, Ace Attorney, Hermitcraft, QSMP, Pokémon, Needy Streamer Overload, Mad Rat Dead, Deltarune, Undertale, DDLC, ect.

current recommendation: Five Nights At Freddy's : Security Breach - Ruin DLC.


Vocaloid producers, Lemon Demon, Will Wood, Tally Hall, Crane Wifes, Miracle Musical, The Oh Hellos, James Marriott, Lovejoy, Shadrow and any music i would find interesting but not too aggressive :]

current recommendation: Canary In A Coal Mine - The Crane Wifes.


Spider-man :itsv/atsv, Nimona, In Space with Markiplier, Puss In Boots: The Last Wish, ect.

current recommendation: My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks.


Mob Psycho 100, Amphibia, The Owl House, MLP [gen 4 and 5], Ghosts BBC, Over the Garden Wall, Steven Universe [Future], Dont Hug me I'm Scared, Clone High, LEGO Monkey Kid, TMNT Rise, Inside Job ect.

current recommendation: Inside Job.


Homestuck, Lore Olympus, Good Omens, AO3 fanfics[lol], ect.

current recommendation: Good Omens.


my bff stanley, my dog, space trio, seth garbedz, montgomery gator, gcatavrosprite, tavjade and mafunene :]

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jade harley and davesprite angst comic [28 pages] (view more)

jade harley [headcanon design] drawings [+5 arts] (view more)

collection of hs stuff i drew. [oc,au,canon,headcanons,ect.] (view more)

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About me:

hello and have a great day!


i am lucas/jett. [ would appreciate if you will switch the names now and then.] im transmasculine, aroace and achillean. i have AuDHD. my pronouns are he/they. english is not my first language so i make mistakes often.

the music is bonnie by vylet pony!


  • basic DNI criteria[pedos, racists, ect.];
  • proshitters;
  • NSFW accounts;
  • strangely enough, vincent fnaf likers;
  • dont respect neopronouns and xenogenders;
  • mspec-homo;
  • NFT or AI art supporters;
  • ableists

MY KINLIST! [cw problematic fandoms.]

my sona :]


my discord is frogisanut :0 dm me lets talk stuff!!

Who I'd like to meet:

homestuck fans!! also any other fandom ppl that i listed in interests !! people my age tooo!! any person that adds me is very cool so far so lets be friends!!! :]

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THANK YOU FOR ACCEPTING!!! i really like your profile it's hella cool

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yw dude!! :] we have a lot of similar interests! :DD
also is this c!tommy pfp ? :] very cool, i used to kin c!tommy he is very silly

by frogisanut; ; Report

AHH it is!!!! thank you for noticing i love him so dearly & im also forever on that kinniter grind

by toby; ; Report

REAAALLL! we need more innit lore tbh lol. currently fixated on the qsmp :]

by frogisanut; ; Report

REAL & DUDE THAT'S SO COOL!!! i've been meaning to get into it actually since i have so many friends who love it + it just seems crazy good but i'm not sure where to start catching up on all the lore

by toby; ; Report

honestly update accounts got you covered im guessing. theres not AS MUCH lore, really. also recommend starting watching just one person first [phil because he streams it a lot and his vods are always fun\maybe charlie but he isnt as active on the server] and then you go from it! :]

by frogisanut; ; Report

oh awesome dude thank you!!!! should i check out some charlie vods and then like main phil's pov?

by toby; ; Report

yeah!! that sounds alright order! :]

by frogisanut; ; Report

☆ UmLammerJammyXD ☆

☆ UmLammerJammyXD ☆'s profile picture

Thanks for the add!! your profile is really cool with this theme :] plus your sona is really cool!!

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ahh yw!! i loved ur profile and just had to add!!! :]

by frogisanut; ; Report

wawa!! thank you <:]

i checked out your kinlist and knew i needed to add you (people who are fans of/kin tavros are always trustable in my eyes :p), along with that you kin spamton :) love that goon /pos

by ☆ UmLammerJammyXD ☆; ; Report

live love laugh tavros.... i like him a lot!! :D planning on redoing my profile and theme it around gcatavrosprite!! :]

by frogisanut; ; Report


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im chomping on ur profile its so yum

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you eated my profile where do i get the new one dude .... what have you done.... was it good at least FIOEWFWOF

by frogisanut; ; Report

erm the profile store, duh!

by timeausTestified; ; Report


by timeausTestified; ; Report

HELL YEAH DUDE I LOVe SNAPCUBE /PENNY PARKER ALL OF HER PROJECTS ARE SICKKKKKK shes like my fav content creator of all times :DD!!!!!!!!!!

by frogisanut; ; Report


by timeausTestified; ; Report

Wacky Alex

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If you like wacky music, give our channel a try.

We're playing the wackiest mix ever! Check it out!

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thx for the follow! u seem rlly cool :)

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TY YOU SEEM AWESOME SAUCE TOO!!! :DD thats why i followed u in a first place!! :]

by frogisanut; ; Report


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EHEHE THANKK i was doing this shit for two hours trying to imitate the fucking Homestuck page it was hell on earth but i did also ur so cool and radical

by frogisanut; ; Report


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im only starting to read homestuck in 2023 be nice to me please...

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