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"merow :3"

in persuit of whimsy and wonder

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cartoons, art, makeup, collecting stickers and putting them on everything, viddy games, eeveelutions, thunderstorms, being lesbian, animals especially sea creatures ESPECIALLY whales, miku figures, history & politics, experiencing child-like wonder, sweet things, queers, boba & bubble tea, maximalism, my partner, my friends, nature documentaries, long video essays about things i've never heard of, the unbreakable human spirit, using words i can’t spell, overusing emojis, and most importantly BEING SILLY!!!!!! :P


i primarily listen to kpop (skz, txt, kep1er, clc, fromis_9, kwon eunbi, le sserafim and many many more!) i also like pierce the veil, fall out boy, my chemical romance and queen. i casually listen to a bajillion other artists and am generally open to giving literally any genre a genuine try (yes even country)


mlp:fim, the owl house, winx club, bluey, glitch techs, carmen sanidego (2019), haikyuu, yuri on ice, the untamed (CQL), madoka magic, tokyo mew mew (old & new), monster high, Bartok The Magnificent (best movie ever), your lie in april, BNA, a silent voice, howls moving castle, kipo and the age of wonderbeasts, danny phantom, adventure time, until we meet again, secrets of the whales, chasing coral, pretty cure, powerpuff girls z, bee & puppycat, arcane, barbie movies, ever after high, black panther 1&2, wall-e AND MORE !!!!                          


ACNH & ACNL, pokémon (sw/sh, s/v, arceus, lets go), stardew valley, splatoon 3, mario kart, minecraft, sims 4, cult of the lamb, unpacking, spiritfairer, old DS games


painting, sculpting, drawing (mostly digital), writing (rarly), talking with myself as if i were on a podcast, making my own jewellery, random crafts, playing with my dog, rewatching mlp:fim, doing fun/dramatic/"creative" make-up, being unapologetically "cringe" (cringe culture is dead!!), making up worlds and characters in my head, impulse spending, talking to people on the internet, listening to music, sincerely enjoying "childish" things, playing viddy games :3


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About me:

21, white, non-binary lesbian ⚢, autistic, adhd & dyslexic, gmt timezone, it/they/she/he + neos    


i am a girl who is not a girl but sometimes okay with being a girl but also a weird little guy. i'm proudly cringefail and openly weird. im an ever-present, omnipotent god and also just some dude. im like if valentines day and halloween gave birth to a beautiful creature. im fuelled by friendship, little treats and knowing more about mlp than you. i enjoy the presence of freaks and weirdos. i am an artist who rarely draws and a gamer who barely games. i am a hater of many things and a lover many more. im a human being in the same way a tomato is a fruit. i wish i could become the ocean water. and i luv you :3




Who I'd like to meet:

anyone who could hang with twilight sparkle and her autistic crew

                (only friend if 16+ plz)


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Thnx for the add 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

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AAA you’re pfp is so cute ! i love it all

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