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17! filo american ✧ he/she/it

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anime, video games, reading books, poetry, gothic lolita fashion, making playlists, deep conversations, being critical of interests, sanrio, my little pony, psychology, character analysis discussions, invader zim, gloomy bear.. probably more but i cant think of the rest rn


deftones, korn, alice in chains, a perfect circle, nine inch nails, nirvana, the smashing pumpkins, the weeknd, drake, playboi carti, tyler the creator, mac miller, mac demarco, bubble tea and cigarettes, wave to earth, malice mizer, l'arc-en-ciel, buck-tick, matt maltese, men i trust, cigarettes after sex, hyde, 6lack, joji, $uicideboy$, lana del ray, jazmin bean, loathe, chase atlantic, (ariana grande too sometimes), video game soundtracks, the neighbourhood, the márias, melanie martinez, vocaloid i listen to all kinds of genres^^


war of the worlds, little things, equilibrium, american psycho, the silence of the lambs, silent hill, the hills have eyes (i just really like horror movies ngl), k-12!!


animanga: trinity blood, chainsaw man, jujutsu kaisen, attack on titan, demon slayer, saiki k, death note, bungo stray dogs, hunterxhunter, deadman wonderland, blue lock, haikyuu, owari no seraph, from the red fog, junji ito, lain, tokyo revengers, jojos bizarre adventures, black butler


i cant think of many off the top of my head, but i really enjoy poetries (like no longer human ^_^)


using this as a fav game section: OVERWATCH!!, life is strange, detroit become human, needy streamer overload!!, omori, fnaf, resident evil, final fantasy, fatal frame, deltarune, undertale, dead by daylight, sally face, little misfortune, persona5, twisted wonderland, your turn to die, god of war + more but i forget

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About me:

haiii im luna i dont like labels much, but for now i identify as genderfluid aroace >__<

Who I'd like to meet:

anyone!! :] 15-19 preferably!

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ty for the add!! ur profile is so cute!!

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spidey's profile picture

absolutely gorgeous page

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thank yew sm :[[

by luna ᥫ᭡; ; Report


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Thanks for the request :)

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bunni ☆.。.:*・°

bunni ☆.。.:*・°'s profile picture

your profile is so cute!!

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thank yew!! you seem so cool too :]]

by luna ᥫ᭡; ; Report

NAVi 𝟑𝟑𝟑 ★

NAVi 𝟑𝟑𝟑 ★'s profile picture

hii ur profile is so cute i lov it :D

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THANK YEW SM LOVE!! :]] i love urs as well! persona5 is def top 5 comfort games for me so it was nice 2 see :D

by luna ᥫ᭡; ; Report

np np!! and also thank you ^^
also same!! im currently hyperfixated on p5 but it's also a comfort game for me i guess?? :o
also who is ur fave character hehe

by NAVi 𝟑𝟑𝟑 ★; ; Report

I HAVE an attachment to akechi since he's soooo mecoded like unfortunately i rlly relate to his chara and past but it brings me comfort at the same time!! BUT I RLLY love ren (or akira if u will) and yusuke they r so cute and silly

by luna ᥫ᭡; ; Report

OMMG YESS REN IS THE BEST EVER !!! hes so precio u s <3
also akechi... so real..... i kinda realte to him too.... (i literally kin 3 p5 characters.......)

by NAVi 𝟑𝟑𝟑 ★; ; Report

OMAGAH!!! would u like to tell me about them :33

by luna ᥫ᭡; ; Report

suerr do u have discord or do u prefer ims here ??^^

by NAVi 𝟑𝟑𝟑 ★; ; Report

YEPYEP i have discord i'll im u my tag

by luna ᥫ᭡; ; Report

alrighty :D

by NAVi 𝟑𝟑𝟑 ★; ; Report


OSKAR ☆'s profile picture

AW i jst notice u have a menhera chan layout its so cute

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THANK YEW!! i didnt make the layout but i decided it fits me as her name represents ppl like me (ppl who have to fight demons everyday)

by luna ᥫ᭡; ; Report

and one of those demons is me. (the feet demon)

by OSKAR ☆; ; Report

you are waht keeps me up at night . What haunts me .. The creature under da bed that lurks in rhe shadows … U ARE MH BIGGEST DEMON.

by luna ᥫ᭡; ; Report


by finn ☆; ; Report


anicca's profile picture

TYTY FOR THE ADD!!!! i love ur fluttershy so much :) and we have some game interests in common!

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thx 4 adding me back:)) AND THANK YEW ++ would u like to tell me about ur interests :0

by luna ᥫ᭡; ; Report

sploinky goobers

sploinky goobers's profile picture

Thank You For Adding Sploinky Goobers . Pink Is Badass .

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thank Yew 4 adding me :p sploinky goobers is Also badass!!

by luna ᥫ᭡; ; Report


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omg ur profile is so cute

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OMG!! thx beebo :))) love ur joker pfp, so damn cool

by luna ᥫ᭡; ; Report

oml ur so nice tysm ;;;;;;;;;;; ur p cool too!! :>

by beebo; ; Report


Themo's profile picture

ty for the friend request i love your profile :D

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thank yew 4 adding me back C: ur profile is soo cool too i lovelove death note sm it has a special place in my heart

by luna ᥫ᭡; ; Report

omg tyy! and yes death note is one of the few things i never get bored of lmaoo

by Themo; ; Report


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thanks for the add! you seem rlly cool btw <3

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thx 4 adding me back!! :)) u are supa cool 2 me too ++ bonus points for denji pfp :p

by luna ᥫ᭡; ; Report


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thank u 4 the add u seem super cool!!!!

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omg thx 4 adding back !! :] u are supa cool as well!

by luna ᥫ᭡; ; Report