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"blessed arms that hold us tight, freezing cold and alone"

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: autumn — furries — drawing — vulture culture — rain — trinkets — cryptids — hiking — crafting — concerts


music : carissa's wierd — la dispute — newfound interest in connecticut — múm — the microphones — barrow — bright eyes — empire! empire! — hop along — kevin devine — the little explorer — respire — DCFC — departures — melaina kol — more than life — EITS — my dead girlfriend — suis la lune — old hearts club


movies : blood tea and red string — alice (1998) — watership down — cure (1997) — fallen angels — mysterious skin — ghost world

anime : cat soup — the cat returns — night on the galactic railroad — kino's journey — ghost hound — xam'd: lost memories — paranoia agent — natsume's book of friends — made in abyss — super cub — mushishi
tv shows : hannibal — x files — the sinner — mindhunter — joe pera talks with you — gravity falls — courage the cowardly dog — summer camp island — over the garden wall


manga : dead dead demons — pandemonium wizard village — dorohedoro — witch hat atelier — homunculus — monotone blue — tokyo alien bros — the summer hikaru died

comics : drop-out🔗habits (lauren monger)🔗andre and karl🔗starhell🔗prequel adventure🔗 — garfield — moomin


games : the binding of issac: repentance — night in the woods — oneshot — yume nikki — life is strange


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About me:

22 — it/she —
ΘΔ — pnw
mentally unwell house cat. i am tall, tatted, and wear an oversized flannel that might as well be glued to me at this point

i'm a self taught artist and love collecting physical media. prints, cds/dvds/blurays, records, you name it

i also love being in nature. going to the beach or woods when it's overcast is one of my favorite activities

before you friend
  • if you don't have your age listed in your profile, i won't add you back
  • i have photo-sensitivity issues, i avoid profiles with bright/flashing colors
  • if we don't interact much at all i may unfriend at some point
  • i don't comment/use bulletins much. if you want to reach out please do so through IM
do not interact if:
  • you are under 18/a minor
  • we have little to nothing in common
  • you are the type to listen to the joe rogan experience

What Flavour Are You? I am a subtle taste, like Pine.I am a subtle taste, like Pine.

I am a quiet, fresh taste, almost more of a scent than a flavour. You will be aware of me, but not quite remember me without being reminded. Not that I'm boring; on the contrary, I'm just a little outside the ordinary. What Flavour Are You?
extended stamp collection [cw: flashing lights]

Who I'd like to meet:

those who:
- like skramz/emocore, midwest emo, or folk punk
- are furries, therians, or anarchists
- live in western washington
- are around my age range (no one under 18 please)

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oh wow thanks for the add. ur profile is super pretty and relaxing, we have a lot of the same interests too. I LOVE tboi, still trying to get all tainted unlocks lol.

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thanks! you seem cool. ive been taking a hiatus from playing issac because im at the point i only have challenge characters left, and, i just don't find the game that fun to play if im going for unlocks... whats your favorite issac character to play? also! feel free to hmu in IMs to ask for my discord tag if you'd like to talk more :3

by Valentine; ; Report

ever since I got t-judas and t-lilith its all I enjoy playing I like the mental torture every tainted character provides lol, I get getting bored of it though my brother had the same thing happen to him after 100%-ing it. also my discord is sploiink, might accept your add late since I'm going to bed, but I'd love to talk more about isaac (or literally anything else as well haha)

by SPLOINK; ; Report

tainted lilith is actually busted tho. my favorite to play is maggie :)

by Valentine; ; Report


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ur profile is gorgeous so haunting and serene <3 thanks for the add :3c

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ahh thanks! you profile is very cool as well

by Valentine; ; Report


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hiya thnx for the add ^^ I recognize the line which precedes your profile and I adore you for the inclusion. The whole idea of long term nuclear warning messages and the line itself sends chills down my spine x_x

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your vibe is delicious!

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thanks! yours as well

by Valentine; ; Report


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by Valentine; ; Report


by brad; ; Report


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This profile is like actually super rad :3

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ah thanks!

by Valentine; ; Report


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coolest person i've ever met :3

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may's breeze

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ty for accepting, the vibes and music taste r so cool T_T [insert a more flattering cool synonym]

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by Valentine; ; Report