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"Oh my brain"

Non-ACAB, female, 33-34, would be FBI agent, no hatred pls.

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Stargazing, writing, astronomy, reading anything, goth subculture, punk subculture, art,designing tattoos, shoes, clothes design, surreal art, photography, guitar, ukulele, tounge drum, Ovalsynth, rapping, self modeling, languages, penpaling, writing book reviews, halloween, Christmas, law, singing, modeling. 45800-F97-ED0-A-4-C00-9288-AC9-BEC357-EEE


Eminem, insane clown posse, limp bizkit, marylin Manson, the anxiety, pagan music, Otyken, Madonna, weezer, 5678’s, snoop dog, isolated beings, factory of dreams, razekel, DB93677-E-010-E-4670-B5-DC-AE878-B6-FCA04


Dahmer on Netflix, flight 93, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, black Adam, x-Files, Green Lantern, Mortal Kombat, big money rustlars big money hustlers what is violent j and shaggy 2dope, killer instinct, the Recruit, j Edgar, feds, re animator. 7-B590-DFF-0155-4-C98-B0-FB-B99-FC4-DB94-AE


Reboot., cobra Kai, scream, greys anatomy, xena, Hercules, Archie’s Wierd mysteries, dr. G, x files, ultimate survival Everest, fbi files, forensic files.


I love hypothesis, Silverwing trilogy, a little bit about runes, Dumpty Series, beartown trilogy, The FBI way, books on paganism and Wiccan, astronomy books, soulmate equation, enemies, Arabian nights, the stand by Stephen King, it, RL Stine is pretty good, Sam Schill, including myself as a writer I’m pretty good.


Carrie Underwood, J Edgar Hoover, Batman, Lady Gaga, Sarah Brightman, spice Girls, Amanda Jordan, Madonna, Clyde Tolson, anyone who is brave enough to stick out their neck for someone else.

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About me:

Fidelity is the stage name for Sufi Yoni DaButcher. She believes that the FBI and Jugolo‘s can get along if they can put away their differences. An artist, and author and PTSD warrior. She was repeatedly traumatized since newborn to her current age of 34. She is a juggalette and she wants to be an FBI agent at the same time. To show that goth and Juggalette’s and Juggalos are not the ones you have to fear but the normal looking folk. She also believes in the Fidelity brave integrity where she gets her stage name Fidelity. Born in Au ozone and then adopt that age too she ended up finding the creativity was the way to go with mantle health. She is very spiritual but not religious. Crystals and organite pyramids are her favourite things as well as her tongue drum and her books. She likes to write she’s under the name Sufi Yoni DaButcher. She is planning on riding more boards and she likes to shadow box and do whatever she can to help herself. Her main goal that her mother had given her wants to be an FBI agent and she agreed with that. She lost her mother on July 20 2022. The single “ a girl” is dedicated to her mother, who always believed in her. She also raps and is in a band. Down with the clowns and she was six years old. fyi. booknet | goodreads | Bookrix | amazon | reverbnation | Flickr model | SoundCloud | modeling | Vimeo | bandcamp |


Who I'd like to meet:

Singers, artist, writer, song writer, musician, rapper, juggalo/lette, fbi, tattoo artists.

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