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"im balalaika from black lagoon"

16 (08) uk he/him, autistic, straight, KHHV


Mood: WLR maxing

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architecture Warhammer, League of Legends, Gunz the duel:, surfing, hades, tohou, mortal kombat and Street Fighter,Cry of fear, geometry dash, tmodloader, warthunder, Metal Gear Solid, paladins, assasins creed, team fortress,smite,destiny 2 DDLC, sea of theives. IM TRYNA LEARN TO SKATE

:yes im just going to use this box as a games list


Shoegaze,Drain,rap,breakcore, nu metal, metal in general, underground, sigilkore, hyperpop, indie, alt shit MIKU!!! Julie, pierce the viel, greenday, 6snot, lefty, mishikui, semetary Bladee,playboicarti,tayk,Tana, Armanaibanz,lefty,knucks, amg dolo, the cure, duster, Deftones,chief keef, panchinko,netspend,quin,sigilkore,new jeans, novagang, casiopea, riotgrrl, screamo, slam, mortician and many others I like a lot and I want to listen to more check out my other playlist (music for insufrable people) if you like shoegaze, and nu metal (deftones, mishikui, panchinko, whir, flying fish, lefty)


Fight club, the matrix, surfs up, Leon the profensial, Amélie, The Predator Movies, and the alien movies predator ring


anime , power rangers samurai dorohedoro, seraph of the end, siruis the jager, mashell magic and muscles, boondocks


Kane chronicles, the path of aloneness, creepypastas, warhammer, scenegrll


tohmas sankanara, gary web, julian asange, avirl lavigne, rick owens, richard stark, amber jatelyn beale, boxxy, chas smith (the surfer), vampires in genreal (please make your blood doll) add my steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Mahlz/ add my discord: lanceyfoux_

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About me:

50 kilograms and 6ft!!!! (no its not an ED I'm starve maxing to become a PSL god) would be dress alt if I wasn't so scared of people judging me XD someone play league or destiny with me (anygame for that matter) Shinji irl, Internet cyber ghost: no we cant link up i dont exist irl call me dan gods strongest soldier vs his hardest battle (playing league and destiny 2) jncos + afflication combos Snowboarding, Surfing Princess peach, daisy, and rosalina clear. im doing triple science, DT, geography, and computer science for gcse, and i want to do btec engineering WIN-20211019-11-51-52-Pro I am 99% loser. What about you? Click here to find out! mogged

Who I'd like to meet:

all of you, if you really want to talk with me message first I am terrified of speaking to people even online 😮☹️

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I love your page! your movie taste is great man!!

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𝓯𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓴𝔂 Lizzl 🃜🃚🃖🃁🂭🂺 (michiko ᡣ𐭩ྀིྀི)🧸🩰 🫐

𝓯𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓴𝔂 Lizzl 🃜🃚🃖🃁🂭🂺 (mich...'s profile picture


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I like your profile it's great

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Omg ty urs is really cool too!

by Dr8Z8r :3; ; Report


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Your so kewl arghh!!! You have amazing taste in moviess!!!!

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TY, you have rlly cool taste in music!!

by Dr8Z8r :3; ; Report

jett ☆

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ur proflie is so cool omg also that cat is so cute

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Thank u sm much, your profile is also really cool!! we both have the ring girl which is cool!

by Dr8Z8r :3; ; Report

T>A>T>U>M_R>O>T ദ്ദി(*꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ)(mostly inactive)

T>A>T>U>M_R>O>T ദ്ദി(*꒦ິ꒳...'s profile picture

cool profile ^__^

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TSYM!!! i love your profile the pink is so pretty

by Dr8Z8r :3; ; Report


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Fire profile bro

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ty!! your profile is really cool too

by Dr8Z8r :3; ; Report