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damned to eternal boredom

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music, anime, manga, video games (I really like storyline games and horror too), movies sometimes, drawing, and some other stuff I have probably forgotten to put here


I luv music so much and a lot of diff genres such as DnB,breakcore,Jungle, electropop, hyperpop, sigilkore, metal and more but here are some of my favs rn; Megitsune-BABYMETAL, MEG-precious, Burial,, Tatu'd lolis, Hyper+individualism, 1006 anthem, Car accident, Go ichi!,, Loli fantasy, Inertia status, HEADBANGER-BABYMETAL, Blissful overdose, I made a snail pancake, , winkle twinkle,, ahh! my dnb!!, sick twisted demented, Karate-BABYMETAL purple hearts in her eyes, Tashi Mi Yo Ni, the last thing she sent me, i break my heart and yours, self worth, DESTROY The Wired,, 男が女の子を捕まえることは(a man catching a girl), madoka magica(nikotrash), 拷問の時間(time for torture), Sugar rush-Yandere, MIRACLE-MEG, something small and unfinished (remix of MIRACLE by nadeshiko on sc) and yeah I listen to a lot more but it's too much to fit on here LOL!


cant think of any rn, might update latrr


lucky star, azumanga diaoh, the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya, serial experiments lain, madoka magica, nichijou, perfect blue, bocchi (and more but ive forgotten them, will add when i remember)


mangas such as dead dead demons, oyasumi punpun, aku no hana, azumanga diaoh, yotsuba, and a lot more as well


Beth, 4649Lynn, Hikkichan, Neco Arc and the great osaka

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About me:

I don't do much other than shut myself in and consume media for hours on end and listen to music, I have also been wanting to learn making my own music. m/w my right boob implant redoing layout lol

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I need a little dancing neco-arc in my pf, she's so cutee 👆

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Ew why r my emojis popping up like that They're so goofy looking

by 4649; ; Report

They do look goofy

by mimiko777; ; Report


by 4649; ; Report

omg tysm, I was struggling so bad trying to find something good or something I liked at least probably will change the music soon

by mimiko777; ; Report

Srry its been like 9 days later but ur profile looks so cool! Well it always looks cool tbh

by 4649; ; Report

THANKS and its fine LMAO, I'm obsessed w your layout it also always looks cool

by mimiko777; ; Report

Aw Tysm I only just made it pink tho and I love that Hikkichan gif u put on ur pfp

by 4649; ; Report

THANK YOUU!! and pink is a great color + I wish there were more gifs of her LMAO

by mimiko777; ; Report

Tysm! I LOVE pink and I do wish there were more gifs of her I need to learn how to make my own somehow

by 4649; ; Report


by mimiko777; ; Report

Also the mimiko777 goes harddd I love that name

by 4649; ; Report

Also Also x2 I love all the music u put there I literally but sugar rush by yandere in my profile 2 days ago (well b4 I replaced it with yandere complex by sewerslvt but ik ima put it again)

by 4649; ; Report

Thank you i was js trying to come up w some random but also mixed w my nickname

by mimiko777; ; Report

I love sugar rush and yandere complex omggg and I did notice it on your Prof 2 days ago(?)

by mimiko777; ; Report

I'm indecisive with music Don't Judge Me LMAOOO

by 4649; ; Report

Cant rlly say anything bc I'm indecisive as well LMAO

by mimiko777; ; Report