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"happy yule"


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coding html/css | studying 日本語 | drawing | crochet | fursuiting | vampirism | blogging | loathing | napping with my boyfriend and my cat | fat bong rips | tattoos


pierce the veil | my chemical romance (i brought you my bullets, you brought me your love) | LOATHE | 鬱P | escape the fate | the used | BMTH | motionless in white | まふなふ


clone high | black butler | mlp | south park




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About me:

click to go to my site :3
hey !!! i'm going to redo my profile text real soon sorry it's barren ... hmu if you're 18+ xP!

you can find me elsewhere in my linked section! lets be tumblr mutuals >__<! Red Pointer

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Sweet profile!

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thanks 4 the add!

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no sweat!!!!! hope you enjoy your stay

by jackary (-_\\); ; Report


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thanks for the add!! also cool neocities

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thank yoo...... m so glad people actually look at it lol
though it probably has some cobwebs.. havent touched that mf in a second

by jackary (-_\\); ; Report


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Thanks for the add, check out my Music sometime= https://soundcloud.com/jimmyjofficial

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5ativa vampir3

5ativa vampir3's profile picture

smirnoff enjoyer !!!!!! thx 4 the add xP

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hells yeah!!! red white and berry FTW X__X

by jackary (-_\\); ; Report


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thanx 4 tha add !! ur layout is rlly cool :3

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thank you ^__^!!!!!!! ur taste in music is very intruiging

by jackary (-_\\); ; Report


IHEARTDDC's profile picture

thx 4 the add!

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no problem X) i love your profile music wtf

by jackary (-_\\); ; Report


hxllxw-eyez's profile picture

thxx fr the add! !!

i lov ur layout! the black & red goez hARD!

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NO PROB OMLLLLLLLLL/ thank you.. i used to think blue and black were my colors. but i had to face the facts, im red and black emo u__u

by jackary (-_\\); ; Report

The Young Vulnerable Anime Girls🔞

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Thank you for accepting our friend request! We are your local grown men in anime school uniforms band.

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oh i totally missed the fact that yall r guys.... pretty sick tbh

by jackary (-_\\); ; Report

Wait? We're guys?

by The Young Vulnerable Anime Girls🔞; ; Report

SOAP ^_^

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OMG I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE!!! like looking at your pages inspires me to learn coding so i can make something this awesome...

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TY!! i rly appreciate you looking.. coding has somehow become one of my favorite hobbies, so if you have the chance to learn it id definitely take it

by jackary (-_\\); ; Report

it sounds fun! i will try my best to learn C:

by SOAP ^_^; ; Report


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THX 4 THE ADD!! also i think the recipe is just powdered sugar, butter, vanilla, and milk :PP

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NO PROB!!! ty for adding me back xP

and for making icing for the first time, i think it came out pretty well... ended up making peanut butter icing :-)

by jackary (-_\\); ; Report

oh hell yeah!! also PB ICING?!!? that sound so good ngl- :OO

by pesco; ; Report


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thanks for 3 crazy ass months babe xP

heres to way Wayyyy more


by jackary (-_\\); ; Report


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ty for the add!! ur layout is so cool :D

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THANKS !!! ur taste in music is so good and ur stamp collection is awesome as fuck x3

by jackary (-_\\); ; Report


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Your profile and neocities website are both super cool!!!

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YOO thank you ^__^!!! your taste in music is soooooo good, i also really want to go to an MCR concert... ur icon is so kewl

by jackary (-_\\); ; Report

Aw thank you!!

by finnfuckingtastic; ; Report

Perty The Virtual Musician

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💖 ✨

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me when I took you to your first show/festival and we saw PTV

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step on me

by jackary (-_\\); ; Report


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sighs so dreamily!!

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thx for the add!! i love your page!! ^^

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no worries omgfg!!!!! same to you i love jshk and your profile is soooooooooooooooo good

by jackary (-_\\); ; Report


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♡♡♡ Thanks for adding me! ♡♡♡

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yrr soooooooo welcome ^___^

i actually made that hikikomori button you've got on your page so i thought that was pretty cool.. my old neocities handle used to be hikikomorigrave so its really interesting to see that it got around, i saw it on tumblr as well!!!

im also a big fan of vocaloid, club penguin, and dance dance revolution!!
whos ur fav vocaloid? O__o?


by jackary (-_\\); ; Report

My fav is Miku, Luka and Gumi

by Seiko; ; Report

luka and gumi!!!!!1 i love lukas tuning in black gold

my favs r def kaito and len ^__^

by jackary (-_\\); ; Report

KIT (×_×)⌒☆

KIT (×_×)⌒☆	's profile picture


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miss that guy!!!!

by jackary (-_\\); ; Report

i miss him every day we shoudl make a kaworu come back club!!!!

by KIT (×_×)⌒☆; ; Report

kaworu come back club...... perfect........... O__O he will surely come back if he sees it

by jackary (-_\\); ; Report