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"mewing :3"

#1 failure bisexual vampire

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horror (in any form of media), cryptids, vampires, the paranormal, psychology, criminology, witchcraft, the ocean, sharks, reptiles, bats, snails, creepypasta, welcome home, the walten files, the mandela catalogue, petscop


tyler the creator, loathe, pierce the veil, mitski, paramore, IDKHBTFM, odetari, 6arelyhuman, my chemical romance, set it off, three days grace, get scared. i have more that i can't remember atm so i'll add later <3


coryxkenshin, kubz scouts, markiplier, jerma985, sinjin drowning, plumbella, manlybadasshero


the spiderverse series, get out, venom, nope, anastasia, ponyo, howl’s moving castle, the secret world of arietty, princess mononoke, spirited away, my neighbor totoro, whisper of the heart, kiki’s delivery service, wendell & wild, paranorman, monster high movies, doukyuusei, promare, slasher movies (primarily scream)


shameless, alice in borderland, girl from nowhere, extraordinary attorney woo, what we do in the shadows, good omens, our flag means death, moral orel, rise of the TMNT, 2012 tmnt, soul eater, arcane, adventure time, regular show, bee and puppycat, monster high, mlp, DHMIS, no. 8, dmcb, death note, serial experiments lane, sk8, inside job, tawog, gravity falls, over the garden wall, teen titans, moominvalley, invincible, infinity train


fnaf, persona series, stardew valley, roblox, minecraft, the sims, animal crossing, splatoon, sonic, undertale, deltarune, resident evil, ffxiv, cry of fear, indie horror games in general, sally face, tomodachi life, the quarry


junji ito's work, the summer hikaru died


i have a cat named binx, a dog named chloe, and two guinea pigs named taro and ube!


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About me:

18 yr old boything, he/it prns. demi-bi, ambiam. afro-carrib + latino. audhd, nd. isfp 6w5. ♋︎☼, ♈︎☾, ♑︎↑. Bubbles

Who I'd like to meet:

please read my dni! i won't accept that is either under 16 or doesn't have their age on their profile! it makes me uncomfortable. no hard feelings!
aside from that, literally anyone, esp if you have the same interest(s)!! i would love to make friends ^__^!! also anyone in alternative subcultures, mainly scenemo, goth, or punk, i would love to meet more people in those!! >_< feel free to msg me anytime!!
It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed!

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Bobo Roblox

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AWW HEHE THANK YOU SM!! i like your theme too :DD the art is so cuteee

by miles ᶻ 𝗓 𐰁; ; Report


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Dude i looooove your profile, sea themed things are the best

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AHH THANK YOU SO MUCH!! i agree!! i love yours too, the p2 theme is awesome!! also love the club penguin stuff hehe

by miles ᶻ 𝗓 𐰁; ; Report

xel 🦈

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thank u for add :-) u look so cool and i love ur shark profile i think it would taste like vainilla ice cream (my favorite ice cream)

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OH THANK YOU THAT IS SO SWEET!!! that compliment makes me very happy i love vanilla ice cream :D I LOVEE THE THEME ON YOUR PROFILE TOO the shark spinning and the falling sea creatures r so cute :33

by miles ᶻ 𝗓 𐰁; ; Report

Spiff !!

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i'm ngl i saw sharks in ur interests and had to immediately req you because i am ABNORMAL over those silly creatures ... <3 but your taste in frankly everything is immaculate and incredibly real. ryuji persona 5 my friend my silly rabbit etc etc....... what a man

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OMG!! YOU UNDERSTAND ME!!! i love ryuji so much hehe he means the world to me :D AND AUGHH ME TOO!! i love sharks so much, they're so :'33 world's most perfect creatures. and thank you so much hehe!! i could say the same to u!! :D

by miles ᶻ 𝗓 𐰁; ; Report

HES SOOO SILLY <3 he's like if you put an ant in a microwave...

by Spiff !!; ; Report

YOU R SO RIGHT!!! i agree so hard. he will spin around in the microwave and be so warm and glowy

by miles ᶻ 𝗓 𐰁; ; Report