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he/it ☆ 19 ☆ uk ☆ 16+ ONLY

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special interests: d&d | halloween | horror movies | emo/2000s culture | spacehey | dan and phil | mcr | killjoys | linguistics/languages
☆ music + art
☆ horror + halloween + cryptids + creepy shit
☆ monster high
☆ gaming - currently playing resident evil, beatsaber, and cytus ii, and i also like little nightmares, botw/totk, dbh, and other horror games


☆ i mostly listen to emo, scene and metal but i also like edm, punk, and goth
current bands i like: alesana | alexisonfire | asking alexandria | attack attack | black veil brides | breathe carolina | bring me the horizon | chiodos | circa survive | cobra starship | could be ghosts | dead man's bones | dot dot curve | escape the fate | evanescence | fall out boy | finch | frank iero | funeral for a friend | get scared | ghost | greeley estates | hail the sun | hawthorne heights | ice nine kills | i set my friends on fire | ke$ha | leathermouth | the living tombstone | millionaires | my chemical romance | paramore | pierce the veil | s3rl | saosin | scary kids scaring kids | set it off | silverstein | sleeping with sirens | snow white's poison bite | the used
☆ check out my spotify, i have my on repeat embedded and i have SUPER COOL emo, scene, and halloween playlists on my profile ^__^


☆ HORROR MOVIES - especially slashers/supernatural horror/creature features
horror films i like: american psycho | an american werewolf in london | cabin fever | cabin in the woods | child's play | the conjuring | dawn of the dead | hatching | my bloody valentine | resident evil | saw | scream
other films i like: fnaf | how to train your dragon | lego batman | mean girls | monster high | pacific rim | repo! the genetic opera | saltburn | studio ghibli films | warm bodies
☆ i KNOW there r more but i can't think of them rn :[


☆ adventure time | always sunny | arcane | doctor who | the fall of the house of usher | good omens | gotham | gravity falls | hannibal | the haunting of bly manor | the haunting of hill house | house | icarly | invader zim | merlin | midnight mass | one piece live action | peacemaker | succession | supernatural | wolfblood | x files
dnd: dimension 20 | critical role [currently on C1] | taz balance
youtube: acidmilk | brian david gilbert | dan and phil | danny gonzalez | drew gooden | gamegrumps | hbomberguy | kickthepj | madeyewlook | markiplier | smosh
podcasts: the magnus archives | the penumbra podcast | the adventure zone | welcome to night vale


☆ i love the killjoys comics and have both california and national anthem
☆ i don't read much anymore except ao3 but my fav books when i was younger [that i still love and will talk about] are: his dark materials | the hunger games | a series of unfortunate events | the riordanverse [percy jackson, kane chronicles, magnus chase etc]


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About me:

my name's ghost/alex, use whichever u feel like :]
i'm 19, a queer trans guy, and autistic/adhd as fuck
i live in the uk and speak finnish and english
feel free to IM me :D layout by me - i only use spacehey on desktop so sorry if it's janky on mobile!

Who I'd like to meet:

cool guyz B] especially emo/scene and other alternative ppl - only 16+ plz!

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thx 4 the add! u seem hella cool!

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np, u too ^__^

by f3ral_gh0st X__X; ; Report


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wow wow we have so many interests in common. thanks for accepting my request you're so awesome :-)

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ofc, u seem super cool too :D

by f3ral_gh0st X__X; ; Report


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Hello, new Spacehey friend!

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hey, thanks 4 the add ^__^

by f3ral_gh0st X__X; ; Report


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THX $ THE ADD BAC!! dude u r so cool! :)

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ofc, thanks 4 the add!

by f3ral_gh0st X__X; ; Report


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Thanks for adding me back! You seem so kewl.

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ofc, thanks 4 adding me! u seem rly cool too :]

by f3ral_gh0st X__X; ; Report


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You seem cool, thanks for the add!!!

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thanks 4 accepting ^_^

by f3ral_gh0st X__X; ; Report

No problem ^^

by FiNALBOY; ; Report


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what does that mean ToT

by f3ral_gh0st X__X; ; Report

Your tastes... are very interesting.

by WhoisXam; ; Report

thank u? i'm gonna take that as a compliment xD

by f3ral_gh0st X__X; ; Report


by WhoisXam; ; Report


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Recomienden canciones 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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Recomienden canciones 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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Omg, your profile is amazing!!! You're so cool!! Let's be friends!

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thank u :D

by f3ral_gh0st X__X; ; Report

KASS X3 ~!!

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thank u!! i love urs too :D

by f3ral_gh0st X__X; ; Report


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Ty for accepting the add ^-^ !! Your playlist is based aff ( ´ー`)

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by f3ral_gh0st X__X; ; Report


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Tysm for the add back :3 ur tv and music sectionz are based af B)

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omg thanks :D

by f3ral_gh0st X__X; ; Report

VEE 🌟🎀👁

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Tysm for the add!!! You have really cool interests :D

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thank u :DD

by f3ral_gh0st X__X; ; Report

Yw!! :D

by VEE 🌟🎀👁; ; Report


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(ノ≧∀≦)ノ ‥…━━━★ Absolutely adore your profile's aesthetic!!! Glad we're friends!!! (*≧ω≦)

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omg thank u!! i love urs too :D

by f3ral_gh0st X__X; ; Report


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hiii thanks for adding me, sorry for taking so long to accept ^^ <333

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it's all good, thanks 4 accepting ^__^

by f3ral_gh0st X__X; ; Report


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ty!! i'm so happy w how it turned out

by f3ral_gh0st X__X; ; Report


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omg your page is so fukking cool !!!! xD

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thanks :DD

by f3ral_gh0st X__X; ; Report


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Cool page!

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thank u, and thx 4 the add :]

by f3ral_gh0st X__X; ; Report


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ty for the add c:

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ofc!! i love ur profile :]

by f3ral_gh0st X__X; ; Report