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i like to write a lot !!! i also enjoy drawing and animating from time to time, and i also like to come up with songs that i will never release xP currently hyperfixating on......... ☆★☆★→ jujutsu kaisen ←☆★☆★


i like a bunch of music selective music- i dont really know the genre so ill just list it all out ! the ifumayers, mook, gezebelle gaburgably, jhariah, gjallarhornit, oingo boingo, an unkindness, ghost and pals, joy division, rozwell kid, crystal castles, lemon demon, mike krol, phf, duster, the scary jokes, will wood (and the tapeworms), tally hall, crywank, small crush, los campesinos, captain were sinking, miracle music, the white screen, radioactivity, slothrust, nobunny, king tuff, the marked men, tyler the creator, wimps, hunx and his punx, jay reatard, coachwhips, sign crushed motorists, the weakerthans and if you really wanna know here are some of my favorite songs i dont speak to whores - gezebelle gaburgably snail man - ^^^ spools of thread - an unkindness time will tell - ^^^ alternative treatment - ^^^ you can be a fascist too - playboy manbaby no one, everyone, your mama - onion baby im going to be a girl for halloween - peach rings gothic surf-a-rama - vampire beach babes stab yer dad - spoonboy rock lobster - the b-52's


bolt is one of my favorites, i also love megamind and others of that sort- though i do prefer horror movies most of the time, and my favorite is hereditary ! i also love the scream series. the black phone was alright, but it was kinda empty- still good though juno is my comfort movie, and i also have watched most of the marvel and dc movies- but i have watched all of spider-mans movies and batmans.


adventure time, teen titans go, we bare bears, my little pony, shameless, bojack horseman, the midnight gospel, dead end paranormal park, aggretsuko, inside job, disenchantment, the walking dead, invader zim, jujutsu kaisen


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its me im evan pronouns are he/him only!!! there are many more things im interested in, not just the stuff listed below !!!

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besides celebs, anyone !!! i love talking to new people [ only online though- ]

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