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"I'm doing it to myself because that's why it really hurts ofc :3"

I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo... what the hell am I doing here?

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Mood: I may be paranoid, but I am no android >:(

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☆ミ☆ミ☆ミ ★彡 I like drawing and video games 彡★ ★彡 I also like manga and anime lol 彡★ ★彡 games include: genshin, project sekai, spyro (1-3), terraria 彡★ ☆ミ☆ミ☆ミ


☆ミ☆ミ☆ミ ★彡 vocaloid 彡★ ★彡 raideohead 彡★ ★彡 a little bit of nirvana 彡★ ★彡 I like metal and vocaloid mostly and am open to suggestions!! 彡★ ☆ミ☆ミ☆ミ


☆ミ☆ミ☆ミ ★彡 american psycho 彡★ ★彡 blade runner (2019 haven't seen 2049 yet lol) 彡★ ★彡 labyrinth 彡★ ★彡 unhealthy obsession with fight club<3 彡★ ★彡 interstellar and oppenheimer 彡★ ☆ミ☆ミ☆ミ


☆ミ☆ミ☆ミ ★彡 animes: death note, magica madoka, sailor moon, land of the lustrous, serial experiments lain and black butler 彡★ ★彡 will update when i think of more/watch more 彡★ ☆ミ☆ミ☆ミ


☆ミ☆ミ☆ミ ★彡 alice in wonderland 彡★ ★彡 manga: black butler and land of the lustrous 彡★ ★彡 again, will update when i think of more lol 彡★ ☆ミ☆ミ☆ミ


☆ミ☆ミ☆ミ ★彡 i want to be like kurt cobain when I'm older :3 彡★ ☆ミ☆ミ☆ミ

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☆ミ☆ミ☆ミ ★彡 cool trans ppl 彡★ ★彡 people who like anime 彡★ ★彡 idk tbh 彡★ ★彡 +18 dni pls!!! 彡★ ☆ミ☆ミ☆ミ

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