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hi! this section didn't save so i might forget to include some stuff lol. i'm a big animanga fan! i have other various interests so don't be afraid to dm me and we can talk about anything! looking forward to making new friends on this site!


i'm a huuuge eva and jjk fan :D i like other things like jojo, aot, code geass, madoka, and clannad. i need to catch up on csm part 2. there are plenty more i enjoy as well!


my music taste is pretty various, and it's hard for me to say it concisely lol. mitski was a top artist last year and i love me some j-rock (co shu nie i LOVE U)...i grew up on mcr so i'll always have a soft spot for them. i also like dream pop stuff like mazzy star, the cranberries, and the sundays. i like so many other things i can't even think!!! new wave is awesome too! but again i listen to a huge variety of stuff and i'm always open for recs!!!


let me just say first that i LOVE pokemon. so much. so so so much lol it's my favorite thing ever! i like to play games, and i'm trying to finally get back into playing stuff now that my motivation is back. i used to play league a lot :P (i've heard it all already trust me you don't have to point it out i know) also trying to get back into drawing!


i'm open to talking to pretty much anyone on here!!! the only exception is just that i probably won't get along with you if you fit under general dni criteria/are a bigot, or if you're really young lol. i don't require tone tags but if i miss understand you i'm sorry it's my silly brain lmao i'm usually more active on discord, so if you wanna friend me on there just ask!!!

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About me:

hi guys i'm em!!!

i’m new to this site! feel free to chat with me!
leave a comment!
i need more anime stamps…

sorry my site doesn’t work well on mobile lol

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Who I'd like to meet:

anyone! especially if we share interests :D

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HI TY FOR ACCEPTING MY ADD <33, i absolutely luv ur pfp layout plz teach me

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sarah ♡

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ty for the comment too!!
i love your layout, your blinkie collection is incredible hahah!

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thank u so much i loveee blinkies!!! and of course, you seem so sweet i'm glad we're moots :)

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☆:cocacolalight !!

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Omgggg ur layout is sooooo cool! I luv it ★! Btw UR TASTE IN MUSIC IS SOOOO GOOD

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OMGGG THANK U I CRY so sweet of u, ik i already commented but ur layout is awesome too!!! and thank u HAHA i was struggling to describe all the music i like since i like so many things! but i'm glad the few things i thought to squeeze in there were interesting to u it makes me happy ^^

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THANK U SO MUCHHH sobs u seem awesome feel free to pm me anytime!!!

by em / seph; ; Report

LEOnel ✭

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ty for the add!!! ur profile is AWESOME

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THANK U SO MUCH!!! i appreciate it a lot, thanks for the add back!

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Wacky Alex

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If you like wacky music, give our channel a try.


We're playing the wackiest mix ever! Check it out!

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sarah ♡

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thanks for the add!
love your page SO much !

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thank you so much sarah :D

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churro ☆彡

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TY FOR THE ADD! LOVE ur page its soo unique, i love the shades of pink here, plus the bg song is wonderful and all ur graphics are totes sweet! have an awesume day awesum human!! (*´∀`*)ノ~☆

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of course!!! :D thank you so much it means a lot to meee (╥﹏╥) it took me so long to straighten out!!! i absolutely loveee your profile too! i still keep going back and adding stuff haha :P hope u have an awesom day toooo!!!

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your page is so cute ^_^

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thank u so much!!! took a lot of time but i'm super happy with how it turned out! hopefully i can find ways to tweak it in the future:D

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