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"this is our lifetime, and i am his creator"

19, he/they, venezuelan nerd, ENG/SPA

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paranormal stuff, ghosts, cryptids, aliens, unexplainable things, psychological horror.

arcades, old consoles and videogames, collecting vintage and retro stuff, collecting vinyls, drawing, arts and crafts, reading.

oyasumi punpun, creepypastas, FNAF, the walten files, fazbear toddler fun, petscop, ghost files, roblox, homestuck, undertale, welcome home, the sun vanished, warioware.

midwest emo, cryptidcore, arcadecore, glowwave, punk subculture, gyaru subculture, decora kei, menhera kei.

any form of media that involves sad melancholic boys.


car seat headrest, american football, cap'n jazz, midwest pen pals, the brave little abacus, camping in alaska, duster, modern baseball, the front bottoms, mom jeans, the smiths, descendents, black flag, los prisioneros, los bunkers, soda stereo, lemon demon, tally hall, wetter, wooze, no buses...


hereditary, coming through the rye, the house of tomorrow, reanimator (all of them), ghostbusters (all of them), the lair of the white worm, donnie darko, the shining, IT, fight club, the perks of being a wallflower, dead poets society, american psycho, rocky horror picture show, the batman (2022), akira, super bad, scott pilgrim vs the world, wendell & wild, wreck it ralph.


gravity falls, south park, skins gen 1, young royals, eddsworld, the end of the fxxxing world, stranger things, over the garden wall, craig of the creek, steven universe, regular show...


oyasumi punpun, demian, beneath the wheel, the catcher in the rye, IT, siddhartha, diary of a short sighted adolescent, the perks of being a wallflower, american psycho, el mago de la cara de vidrio. the monster high books (the best plot monster high ever had)


my dad lol, he fully believes in aliens and ghosts, once he saw an ufo and he wrote what happened to an ufo convention in the united states, they replied to him and they invited him to the convention but he didn't go lol. i think he's crazy in a positive way.

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Emil's Blurbs

About me:

what's up, my name's emil, i'm 19, mixed and latino. i'm infp and 4w5 i think, but i'm not into the mbti and i don't know how it works.

i would say i'm a funny guy, but only in spanish, i don't really know how to be funny in english.

i learned english translating friv.com games on google translate back in 2011 lol.

i'm from one of the worst countries to live rn, and my life is falling apart, but at least i'm not a teenage parent.

i love cats and ducks. i'm a cat parent and my son's name is nené i love him so much.

i play (just a little bit) the piano and the venezuelan cuatro, it's like some sort of ukelele, i really love my culture.

i love fried liver, grilled meat, popcorn, peanuts. i would kill to eat rn.

please recommend me point & click games! specially if they're on google play store.

since kid i'm interested in paranormal stuff, but nothing ever happened to me, i am begging for a ghost to spook me or an alien to abduct me.

if you're a ghost please hide in the shadows of my room and haunt me.

Who I'd like to meet:

anyone with my same interests and wants to know people, please chat with me.

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I LOVE YOUR PROFILEE!!! i really love gravity falls

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S☆NIC 's profile picture

hola chamo

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que mas todo fine

by Emil; ; Report

todo fino, acá desvelandome y tú?

by S☆NIC; ; Report

Perty The Virtual Musician

Perty The Virtual Musicia...'s profile picture

Hiii! 💜🩵🩷

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VEE 🌟🎀👁

VEE 🌟🎀👁's profile picture

Your page is so awesome!! OTGW is one of my fave things ever. Also cryptids, aliens, and such are super fun to learn about :D

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Sean's profile picture


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Thank you, yours is awesome too!! I love eddsworld

by Emil; ; Report


Wubzilla's profile picture

Awesome profile!

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fantasma's profile picture

thank you for the add!! I LOVE YOUR PROFILE, it's cool to meet another cryptozoology enthusiast around here, you seem very cool!!
do you have a favorite cryptid?

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thank you so much i love your profile too!! maybe my favorite cryptids are gef the talking mongoose (if he counts as a cryptid), various cryptids of my country and the classic ones from USA.

by Emil; ; Report


ean_conundrum's profile picture

thanks for the add!! i am OBSESSED with the vibes of your layout!!! there's so much cool paranormal stuff you have such good taste

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thank you! i love the vibes of your profile as well

by Emil; ; Report


katanie's profile picture

ty for adding me!! i love punpun :)

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nicky's profile picture

HI u seem so cool, i immediately gravitated to ur fnaf pfp lol :3 layout is so silly love it lotz <3

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thank you!!! u seem cool too!!! :DDD glad u liked my layout it has some errors actually

by Emil; ; Report


serv4lzz's profile picture

your page looks so yummy

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Mikey's profile picture

ur page is sick dude!!!

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thank u!!!!! :00000

by Emil; ; Report


Phay's profile picture

Your page is sooo cool!! I'm obsessed!

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tysm!!!! :DDDDDD

by Emil; ; Report


Operator's profile picture

banger profile layout

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thank u cool emoji B)

by Emil; ; Report


brakenoharts's profile picture

thanks for accepting!!! ^_^ your profile scratches my brain it's so cool...

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that's the best compliment ever!!!!!! thank u so much!!! :D ( i love sue games)

by Emil; ; Report

no problem at all!!! just being honest !!!!
I LOVE THEM TOOO even though most of them are really hard...

by brakenoharts; ; Report


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Rosesofblood's profile picture

thanks for the add back! i love the retro vibes your page gives <3

xoxo Felix

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i'm happy you liked it!!!!! tysm :DD

by Emil; ; Report


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Bark bark bark bark

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woog's profile picture

thx for the add :D i love old nintendo games a lot so its great seeing someone else my age that shares my interest

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np!!!!!! i love retro games sm

by Emil; ; Report

r u a loz fan? i love the 3d zelda games so much esp majoras mask

by woog; ; Report

i only played the four swords one for the DS but i can't complete it. i wish i had a PC with an emulator for all of those cool games:(

by Emil; ; Report

if you have any computer at all, even a low spec one, i can help you emulate :3 i have a lot of experience with it

by woog; ; Report


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🎭 la máscara

by Emil; ; Report