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Art human rights suicide prevention LGBTQ rights free tibet Astronomy horror movies and Gibley anime also I like doing writing and music I am getting a album put out on July 8 next week this coming Thursday. Which is July 1. I also like to do arts and crafts and other stuff I also like to s t a r g a z e and other things that are fun and clean and G rated. I collect vinyl records as well as antiquing and I collect special edition books to as well. So that’s what I do in general uid-7-A959-AE5-9-C0-E-4-C5-E-97-F2-7-C5887-E4-D394-1624896995360-source-other-origin-picsart-sources


Insane clown posse peaches Limp Bizkit Marilyn Manson Nancy Sinatra hard-core rap deadmau5 Spice Girls Backstreet Boys Blackstreet Spice Girls Aquila Sarah Brightman Johnny Mathis of the Bee Gees Donna Summer abba subsource-done-button-uid-AC4-D7-F98-76-F5-47-F6-92-D4-6-E549-C7-A0513-1623581075057-source-other-or


Ghibili anime, Horror movies Chinese dramas and Moxie dumpling and to the bone that’s what I do when I don’t do Art uid-7-A959-AE5-9-C0-E-4-C5-E-97-F2-7-C5887-E4-D394-1624898182622-source-other-origin-picsart-sources


Anything about the news or anything that is negative or watch if it’s negative or the news I cannot watch it because it will give me nightmares unless it’s a horror movie that I know it’s fake subsource-done-button-uid-5-B8404-A4-91-EC-4-AF9-A977-893-FCC91185-B-1624685122718-source-other-orig


Worlds most dangerous places shake hands with the devil The stand it ebola Survival handbook, Chicken soup for the soul of chicken soup for the teenage your teeny and other good stuff that helps me cope with PTSD. I also like to read up on the news even though it’s negative it’s important to be informed. subsource-done-button-uid-7-A959-AE5-9-C0-E-4-C5-E-97-F2-7-C5887-E4-D394-1624898502226-source-other


Robert young Pelton Andy Warhol My mother 91-BB7776-C102-47-EF-B38-D-69-B2150-BDB9-D

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About me:

CFEB52-F7-BDB7-4-B75-A47-A-1194-C62-AA5-C5 My name is Elena Melanson I am the creator of Elena Melanson ink T-shirts that I create for men and women artistry for women and pinups for boys. If you’re interested the link is there I hope you’re interested this is how I deal with PTSD and Asperger’s As I was born in a war zone and was abused before hand and then adopted and then I started an artistic street that continued throughout my whole life check out the link below. clothing threadless

Who I'd like to meet:

The weird artistic and the wonderful and even artistic people would be fine too and people with PTSD I’d like to know how you guys cope with your problems as well or gifts let’s just call them gifts instead of problems because if you say problems you end up ruining your life more so than you were you say gift uid-7-A959-AE5-9-C0-E-4-C5-E-97-F2-7-C5887-E4-D394-1624574081813-source-other-origin-gallery

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♫♪ Thanks for Add Again Elena! Nice to see you here too! ☮(ˆ◡ˆ)☮ All Links on our Page! Thank You

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