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a lot of videogames..... resident evil, parasite eve, silent hill, omori, tomb raider, final fantasy, harvest moon, cry of fear, until dawn, undertale, deltarune, minecraft, sally face, splatoon, sdv, loz, lbp, rdr2, tlou, rpgmaker games, analog horror games, soo many more...

JJK, akira, haikyuu, sk8, aod, death note, chainsaw man, devilman, cowboy bebop, berserk, monster, nge, ohshc, etc


ricky montgomery, the honeysticks, the caretaker, frank sinatra, the beatles, the cure, bon iver, kate bush, andrรฉ 3000, billy idol, japancakes, mark berns, radiohead, metallica, tbdm, oldies, etc


mcu, strange psychological horrors and slashers but anything if it's interesting enough




sucker for classics n crazy people stories


the avengers

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16 , he/him sometimes she but also a secret other thing

i sit alone while listening to music and look at my new items and play with my gadgets. big fan of comic books and video games. running on half a bagel and a joint, loves making music

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whimsical individuals