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im Canadian + Portuguese. Im 12, 13 in November.

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I like invader zim, mlp, creepypasta fans, and scenecore people. btw i'm using my friends Spotify!! so plz keep that in mind. :3 some games i like areee: sally face, little misfortune, resident evil, case animatronics, fnaf, overwatch, ill add more soon!!1!1 >_O I looove C M X A Z T G R and most of my discord friends! 1! ^^ u can add me on discord if u wanna 1!! kandi.master is my discordd :p


I like Tv girl, odetari, Melanie Martinez, everclear, punkinloveee, lumi athena, 9lives, rebzyxx, ayesha erotica, 100 gecs, h3artcrush, luvwillow, machine girl, lemon demon, hoshie star, mitski, weezer, S3LR, TWICE, PERFUME, gorrilaz, jack stauber!! the main types of music i like is, kpop, jpop, scenecore, breakcore, etcetera. :3 im open to try out any other music types too! dont be afraid to give me song recommendations!! O_O


im not a big fan of movies but i like the Mitchells vs the machines, and the scream movies!!1!11! oo and a ton of Disney movies, examples: turning red, the princess and the frog, beauty and the beast, and others!!1!


as i said, invader zim, mlp, and others! :33 i also watch the amazing world of gumball, gravity falls, steven universe, hello kitty and friends, and bee n puppycat!! >:3 i also like some anime. not all tho! some examples of animes i DONT watch: mha, naruto, haikyuu!, etcetera!! i like but dont watch: death note, smile precure, sailor moon. i watch: sakura card captor, and i watched (i think the first season) the promised Neverland. :33


I don't read books on a daily basis, so i dont have any recommendations. :33


probably my best friend, and my gf. :3

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About me:

hi! My names eclipse, im 12 turning 13 November. x.x I like Detroit Become human, i dont rlly watch Netflix. mostly just youtube x.x (+more) I dress pretty emo irl but i would like to dress scenecore in the future!! I do text on here sometimes so if you add me you can text me :3 Im mostly adding people under 15 and probably adding most people with similar interests! >_O I also do infact say ily to friends but ill use /p for friendly ily's. I also use /j /srs /nsrs /hj etcetera. :33 lgbt stuff: abrosexual (polysexual rn) polygender and polyamorous. c: my discord is kandi.master

Who I'd like to meet:

mlp fans, creepypasta fans, fnaf fans, invader zim fans, and scenecore/emo/goth/vamp people!!1!11! idm other people too!! Im just here to make friends! O.x

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