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age 29 /// danish immigrant to maine /// she/her

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Mood: balling (not bawling)

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STARBOUND THE GOAT FR!! /// furry "artist" /// based and pet pilled /// doom & other retro fps /// web revival /// mainstream everything hater /// retrofuturist scifi enjoyer /// cyberpunk & grimdark fan but mostly 90s /// was a fan of mike klubnika before he was cool


obnoxious break/glitchcore and noise /// daft punk sometimes /// viktor tsoi lives forever /// lapfox/msx /// leechy /// maretu /// radiohead /// argent metal /// femtanyl /// meganeko /// curtis schweitzer /// glitterpop /// ville kallio /// oxblood /// igorrr /// tim follin /// rex van candy /// tf2 /// brandon mckagan /// marzuku /// machine girl /// favorite: TQBF


i dont watch movies but i like the stuff my bf watches :3


doctor who (cheesy nerd shit) /// walten files (not real tv but fuck you!!!) /// skibidi toilet fr


house of leaves /// dune saga /// 40k


john romero /// karl marx /// literally any left wing activist rn /// MY OPPS: vert&bounty server members /// anyone transphobic /// zionists /// elon musk /// america

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birthday 17th of may /// USUALLY IN CHARACTER!! DONT BREAK MY IMMERSION /// chronic ultrakill player /// dating two plural dragons!!!!!! /// shameless furball trash /// chugging estrogen since 13 april 2023 /// [im not actually green i just wanted my photo to match my profile]

Who I'd like to meet:

the emperor of mankind

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hello critter

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by wabungus; ; Report

your page very...green, for a blue oc

by Gumbus; ; Report

i wantd it to look cool !! made my pfp match the page

by wabungus; ; Report

why not just make the page blue

by Gumbus; ; Report

idk shut up!!

by wabungus; ; Report

suddenly, kittens!

suddenly, kittens!'s profile picture

hiya! nice to meet you :3 hope you're having a nice day!

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hai hi thank u!!1

by wabungus; ; Report

my teeth hurt :<

by R4bb1t_420; ; Report