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"“ cogito ergo sum ... I think, therefore I am” /ref"

They/it/xe/he or really anything,, I got them memory issues.

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- Ocean // Marine Life // Marine Biology - ★Stars // Space - ★World Building // Story Writing - ★Roblox // Regretevator // Phighting // Ocean Terror // GASA4 // etc - ★FNAF - Old internet - Welcome Home - Splatoon - ★Elements of Insanity - Tattletail -Undertale // Deltarune - Animal Crossing - Sonic - SCP - Cookie Run - Xenogender - Stimboards - ★ S.A.M - Undertale Yellow - HTF - Henry Stickman - ★ LAPFOX TRAXZ - LPS - ★ Fundamental paper education - BATIM - MLP Grimdarks - Poppy Playtime - Mario - Minecraft - Vocaloid - Slime Rancher - Tomodachi Life - Mush Dash - Kirby - IHNMAIMS -


- BRN1NG BRA1N SOUND INDUSTRIES - Metaroom - DREAMBOW STUDIO - Nitroglitch - NateWantsToBattle - Aviators - MiatriSs - The Living Tomstone - SayMaxWell - LIEBE LABS - Vylet Pony - CircusP - CreepP - Team Mekano - MAILPUP - Gynx - Ida Deerz - Alice Gas - S3RL - Spott - dashie - Maple - Machine Girl - Miracle Musical - Bvlk - Pokemon OST - bliss3three - Sonic OST - Amiga Deluxe - Splatoon OST - SharaX - PHIGHTING OST // Regretevator OST- Lapfox/Halley Labs - GLAZE - Woodentoster - CircusP - Aviators - Team Mekano - Alice Gas - Goreshit(dont support) - 4lung (VERY MUCH DONT SUPPORT) - Toy Box - FRSKN - STOMACH BOOK - Kobaryo - CreepP - Machine Girl - Femtanyl -


- FNAF Movie
- Rio (Mainly Rio one)
- Pokemon movies !! Everyone but mainly Zeraora, Victini, Jirachi, Zoroark, and Diancie ones.. -
Do those old FNAF SFM movies count? I love those


- Luck Star (recommend me more anime’s plz…) - Pokémon.. - MLP - The amazing digital circus.. - Puppet Shows (Ex, The Muppets) - BFDI / BFB / TPOT // II
- Springtrap and Mangle
- Old FNAF SFM - ethgoesboom - FNAF minecraft roleplay // Oddities - FNAF: Old Memories - Zamations FNAF series - ANY fnaf sfm stuff..


-warrior cats - Fnaf books, like actually - I don’t read guys


THE ART CREDITS !!!!!! Quiet Tomato,, bunbunbewwii
Playlists I like!!! - https://soundcloud.com/pumpkin-wo/sets/this-music-makes-my-tinnitus - https://soundcloud.com/pumpkin-wo/sets/get-louder -

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About me:

"Party rockers in the hooouuussee tonight, everay bod-ay gonna have a good timeeee !!" /ref
Boombox / Party / Mangle / Marine / Plushtrap + an ungodly amount of other names
you can use any name ive listed on me. im ok with nicknames unless stated otherwise
I have Visual Snow Syndrome. My eyes are sensitive to light, please be mindful of this. I am also neurodivergent and questioning of something I wont state publicly..
Hi ya !! Resident SpaceHey artist here !! im into a lot of "cringe" things, and i hold it with pride! I’d pref u not int if you don’t like it. I don’t judge people phor what they like unless it’s, y’know. Problematic. Do not int if you’re in problematic phandoms. But ya hi!
I use some labels but Agender and Unlabled phit me well. Also Recipromantic and Aceflux. I list more, but those r my mains!
I mainly draw a lotta oc content n phandom content. Anything needing a TW will be behind one aswell..
i am a fictionkin, to which is seen in my carrd. i love when other fictionkins int with me!! hi!! u are so cool! don’t use system terms on me.
selfshipper, selfshipper of all time. i wanna kiss phictional characters. they r so pretty. omg. scythe.. miss circle.. toy chica.. AGH. i draw a lotta cringe n self ship stuff
Certified Women liker n kisser
Cerfifed Everyone liker actually
Big multishipper, so many rarepairs yet popular ships
Number One Roblox Selfshipper, no one beats me in cringe
Also Number One FNAF nostalgia phan.. fnaf is a big spin of mine..
Pheel phree to look at my intro, kin list (phreind locked), and carrd!! if ya wanna know more about me!

Who I'd like to meet:

I DONT BITE, PROMISE !! if i do its phreindly. Im prob. more anxious than u are lol!! IMs always open but im not always available! I have problems with paranoia as well.
if i phreind u its prob cuz of similar interests. Imp note, i over explain! I also have a very bad lack of tone, so I may over use tone indicators. Er DNI phully in pinned blog but basically weridos but weirdos in a bad way n Proshipers.
I’m a bit. Dumb, and unfriend some people accidentally then forget. Also sorry if it takes a while phor me to int, I’m more active during the summer
I’m. Stupid. Please if a phandom is problematic or someone I’m phriends with likes bad things lmk! I have no idea how to keep track of all that
converse fan

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HAI dont mind my profile its a wip but I LOVE URS SM !!! TY FOR ADDING ily /p

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U. R SO COOL,,,, may i friend u on discord please ^_^

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OH OFC, add me anytime :3 !! u seem very very kool too, very purple-y profile I lik very much!!

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