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"Rockin Out 🤘"

How I roll, or a similar joke perhaps 👽🤙

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I'm gonna be 16 in less than 2 months 💪👽 I like to draw, play games, sleep and literally nothing else. I really like JJK, CSM, MHA, DMC, Persona, Sonic and more. My favorite genres are Horror, Romance, Comedies and Tragedies. I love horror, even though I'm a chump, it's still so fun to watch and read. I'm quite an annoying prick tbh, but that just means you're someone I enjoy talking to 🤜🤛 I'm friendly so don't be afraid to talk to me, i'm like a Homie G. I'm dumb and i'm stupid, and I have bad memory, so be patient with me, and if I don't respond for a bit, I just forget to check often so mb 👽. I always forget what stuff i'm interested in unless it's brought up, but ask me about your interests, I'll probably know what your talking about 🙏


I flippin love music, it's so sweet


I really like romance movies, comedy movies, spider-man movies, batman movies, SPVTW, the MHA movies and a ton more I can't remember 🙏


I love Jujutsu Kaisen, CSM, Bleach, My Hero Academia, JJBA, Scott Pilgrim Takes Off and more I can't remember 🙏


I really like Scott Pilgrim, Bleach, JJK, CSM, MHA and more I yet again can't remember 🙏


Sonic, Spider-Man, Batman, Satoru Gojo and my parents👽

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I like anyone who thinks i'm kinda cool. If I friended you, then i fw you heavy 🙏 You can dm me if you want to talk, I will be giddy and joyful. I hope to find friends I can play games with. I'll be online semi-often, so please do message me. I drew my pfp!!! and I would love to show others my art and it's lore!!! and my discord is dusk1771 if you wanna add me, that is also my roblox username if you wanna add me there too 🙏

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guys dont trust him he bites

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but he fucks with me heavy

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